Vestige home

Her studio is in Philadelphia; his is in Oakland, California. Vestige Home is a brother and sister, bi-coastal team designing and creating quality home goods that encourage people to take time in their lives the simple pleasures of cooking, gathering for a meal with family and friends or to make their home a more beautiful sanctuary. Creating well-crafted, thoughtful everyday objects is their means of merging love of art and design and offers a connection to the human spirit of creation.

Hillery Sproatt

Driven by her desire to make fine art functional, Hillery Sproatt translates her paintings into cozy blankets. Her background in fine art coupled with the early influence of her mother, fiber artist and clothing designer Debra Weiss, fueled her love for both pattern and textiles.

Inspired by Japanese, Scandinavian and Eastern European design, Hillery's organic shapes, whimsical landscapes, and childlike creatures draw connection between home and nature.

Julia Canright

Julia Canright is an artist in San Francisco, translating her vision through block printing on fabrics and textiles. She creates bold and graphic block printed and painted canvas bags, all handmade. She's committed to quality and craftsmanship with unique design inspired by traditional Indian, Japanese, and West African block printed textile design as well as modern and expressionist art. Her designs express a return to old-world craftsmanship with a fresh, modern aesthetic.

Etta + Billie

After years of pushing paper around in corporate America, and feeling deeply unsatisfied and utterly uncreative, Alana found her calling when she received a soap making book in her Christmas stocking. She found that she had a natural talent and passion for concocting soap and body care goodness using ingredients from her kitchen. Etta + Billie was launched. Now you can find her whipping up soap and body care goodness using ingredients from her favorite farm to table recipes.

GDS Cloth Goods

Geana Sieburger founded GDS Cloth Goods, as a way to provide ethical and sustainable alternatives to people who appreciate great design. By creating goods and facilitating workshops at the intersection of design, sustainability and community, it's her mission to pass on lost common-knowledge just as much as it is to purvey the goods she creates with precision and skill. She takes great care in her products and her lines of aprons, often collaborating with her clients to produce products that they would wear anytime.


Ringaile and Goda are the creators behind Day Dreamer World. Their friendship, as well as mutual ideas and aspirations challenges the time zones. They believe that aesthetics and design go hand in hand, and set very high quality standards for all of their products. They care about the tiniest details in everything they do and hope that will be shared and felt by each babies hands.


Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish art of creating joy and coziness in life’s everyday moments, whatever the season or time of day. Hygge Life started in 2013 by partners and newlyweds, Alexandra & Koen. All of the goods that they produce are inspired by the Danish concept of hygge.


Bee's Wrap is the sustainable alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.  Founded in 2012 by Sarah Kaeck, a mother of three who was seeking to eliminate plastics from her kitchen, Bee’s Wrap is now made by hand in a Bristol, Vermont workshop tucked at the edge of a winding river.


Started by Gillian Reynolds, Jamnation, combines old-world French techniques with exquisite California fruits, to create unique flavors. All ingredients are local to the Bay Area and organic fruit with Fairtrade sugar + spices. Their jam is intensely flavorful because they use more fruit and 20-40% less sugar than traditional jam companies without added pectin.

Benny gold

Benny Gold is a San Francisco based streetwear brand and boutique. It started with a simple sticker of a glider posted around town: inspired by the old mantra Stay Gold. It’s a reminder that the ideas and experiences we hold dear are the real gold inside each of us. Staying gold is what shapes us, what preserves our sense of self, and what keeps us young.

When it came time for Benny to establish his own brand, he stayed true to that concept. It’s how Benny Gold came to be, and it’s the foundation of his brand.

Little brick house

Little Brick House is owned and operated solely by Kerry Haley, a stay-at-home mom, turned work-at-home mom when her business grew into something more than a hobby about 3 years ago. Having a desire to stay at home with her kids, while also needing a creative outlet, Kerry taught herself to sew and began designing and crafting items for her kids and friends. Her goal is to create quality, affordable on trend designs.

Urb apothecary

Urb Apothecary began with a vision for skin care products that reflect the needs and desires to connect with simple chemical-free ingredients. Leyna, the founder, only uses the highest quality organic ingredients in every Urb Apothecary product. Each one reflects her good intentions and a deep-rooted fascination with the healing power of herbs and plants. 


Made by hand in Berkeley CA, Totem is a collection of homeware inspired by natural forms, simplicity, and traditional craft. Each piece of ceramics is made by hand with high-fire durable stoneware.


MMclay is a handmade tableware business run by ceramic artist and designer, Mary Mar Keenan, in her Hayes Valley studio in San Francisco. Mary Mar's pottery is used throughout many popular restaurants, and as a result, has become highly desirable tableware throughout private home collections as well.

Photo Credit: Luke Tate

north of west

North of West was born from collaboration. Brought together by two sisters and their love and respect for the process of design, intentional small batch manufacturing, and curation. They strive to embody these ideals in everything they do, from their brick and mortar shop to the patterns they create.


Elizabeth creates handmade eco-friendly soft toys for kids only using organic, recycled, and/or hand-dyed fabrics. A learned skill from her grandmother, sewing came naturally to her. She learned the importance to love and value the handmade, especially the personal connection and uniqueness that came from the process. 

juniper ridge

Juniper Ridge formulates Wilderness Perfume by distilling and extracting fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings that they harvest on the trail. Their company is built on the simple idea that nothing smells better than the forest and that the only way to bring this beauty home is to first strap on your boots and go there.

Jenny Pennywood

Jenny Pennywood is a fine artist, Jen Garrido's alter art ego. Currently, Jenny Pennywood is a home textile line focused on creating small batch, locally made, everyday products. All fabric is screen-printed in water-based inks and sewn in San Francisco, CA.

Willful goods

Existing originally as a curated web shop of handmade home goods created by other designers, Willful turned into a brand of its own quickly after the launch of its own. Over the past couple of years, Willful has grown into a line of simple, yet modern home goods, which have become internationally recognized for their bold colors, bare woods, and organic textures. 

StCao Ceramics

StCao Ceramics is a small pottery studio based out of Seattle, WA.  The team is made up of Stephanie Cao, Jacob Jones, and a pup named Ken.  The main maker, Steph, makes handmade pieces that are wheel thrown or sometimes hand-built.  Having lived on both coasts, the pieces are inspired by water and Steph's home now in the Pacific Northwest.

Basik candle co

Basik Candle Co. is a San Francisco-based producer of hand fragranced, hand poured and hand packaged coconut wax candles. Their scents, packaging, and philosophy all add up to a product that is unisex, clean and simple, all without breaking the bank. Luxury doesn't have to be expensive.


Tulsi is an art and textile studio led by the artist Tara Hogan. Their work reflects the simplicity and expansiveness that is found in the natural world, and then translated to the peaceful and evocative interior spaces in which we live. Each item is stitched and woven and block-printed by hand, using only sustainable materials and toxin-free natural pigments.  


Yoke was founded by Tamara Jones on a farm in the Australian, coastal countryside of northern New South Wales. Tamara's mantra and mission through Yoke are to create a holistic platform for blending the outer and inner journey.


Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the Mission District of San Francisco. They make chocolate out of only two ingredients: cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. In addition to doing everything in house they source directly from origin and frequently meet with their growers and partners in order to fortify strong relationships.