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West Perro, a name combining Brower's love of the West and appreciation for his support animal Joey (perro means dog in Spanish), is a line of eye-catching necklaces and wall hangings made of hand-molded terracotta, polymer clay, wax, leather and cotton fiber. Brower also strives to make his brand an extension of his life, which is why you can see him hosting markets all over under the name Head West.

Katie Dean Jewelry

Katie Dean is a jewelry designer of her eponymous line, Katie Dean Jewelry; a dainty, feminine line of jewels handmade in Los Angeles. Katie splits her time between San Francisco and LA when she is not traveling for her line and is passionate about helping other succeed in business. She is excited to be a part of Visionary Women and join in on the philanthropic efforts of this extraordinary group. 


Seventeen years ago, husband-and-wife team Geoff Weiser and Suji Meswani left their jobs in the corporate world to chase their dream of working together. With backgrounds in graphic design and product development, they put together a plan to launch their own product line, Skeem Design. The couple creates sophisticated products with a focus on design and a mission to eliminate unnecessary packaging. 

Electric Sun Creatives

Sacramento-based metal artist, Sarah Perez (of Electric Sun Creatives) creates mobiles and wall hangings made of brass sheet and tubing. With training in sculpture and small metals, Perez has taken what she learned and made it her own. She is fascinated with balance & composition and can often be found on the studio floor getting lost in the shifting of pieces until she lands on something of beauty and simplicity.

Vestige home

Her studio is in Philadelphia; his is in Oakland, California. Vestige Home is a brother and sister, bi-coastal team designing and creating quality home goods that encourage people to take time in their lives the simple pleasures of cooking, gathering for a meal with family and friends or to make their home a more beautiful sanctuary. Creating well-crafted, thoughtful everyday objects is their means of merging love of art and design and offers a connection to the human spirit of creation.


Leaves and Flowers is a California based tea company offering a unique selection of handcrafted herbal infusions and premium small batch teas. The company was founded with a conviction that herbal infusions be better represented within the world of tea. Their herbal infusions are produced by hand in small batches at our workshop in California. Leaves and Flowers cultivated teas are sourced from around the world and chosen for their impeccable quality and flavor. All of their botanical infusions and teas are loose leaf, and inherently sustainably harvested.  

Pocket Square Clothing

Pocket Square Clothing was established in 2011 as a men’s accessory brand. Headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, PSC has become an incubator for the Los Angeles menswear movement. With no formal fashion training, founders Rodolfo and Andrew sought to create a lifestyle brand beyond clothing. Starting with the bow tie, their collection now features menswear staples, a plethora of accessories, and Made to Measure suiting and shirting available at their DTLA Flagship. The brand is a reflection of the ideals behind the Urban Gentleman. This is their effort to tell a story, to inspire and be inspired, and to create a powerful connection through timeless pieces.

Hillery Sporatt

Driven by her desire to make fine art functional, Hillery Sproatt translates her paintings cozy blankets. Her background in fine art coupled with the early influence of her mother, fiber artist and clothing designer Debra Weiss, fueled her love for both pattern and textiles.

Inspired by Japanese, Scandinavian and Eastern European design, Hillery's organic shapes, whimsical landscapes, and childlike creatures draw connection between home and nature.


Fable Soap Company is an all-natural, small-batch skincare company with a promise of high quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Made by hand in California, the brand includes a wide range of products suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive.

Owned and run by women, Fable Soap Company understands the importance of building a brand with a purpose. For every retail bar of soap purchased, a bar is donated to a women's shelter across the country. This program strives to provide access to hygienic and safe cleansing to women and children who are fleeing or surviving domestic violence, economic instability, or environmental catastrophe.


Michael Recchiuti, a self-trained chocolatier, founded Recchiuti Confections in 1997 with the idea that when you introduce people to truly exquisite chocolate + ingredients, they will be won over instantly. For over 20 years, Recchiuti Confections has meticulously sourced ingredients and has crafted confections in small batches using traditional European techniques. Michael’s discerning palette cross-pollinates herbs and spices typically used in savory food into truffle infusions. 

Julia Canright

Julia Canright is an artist in San Francisco, translating her vision through block printing on fabrics and textiles. She creates bold and graphic block printed and painted canvas bags, all handmade. She's committed to quality and craftsmanship with unique design inspired by traditional Indian, Japanese, and West African block printed textile design as well as modern and expressionist art. Her designs express a return to old-world craftsmanship with a fresh, modern aesthetic.

Etta + Billie

After years of pushing paper around in corporate America, and feeling deeply unsatisfied and utterly uncreative, Alana found her calling when she received a soap making book in her Christmas stocking. She found that she had a natural talent and passion for concocting soap and body care goodness using ingredients from her kitchen. Etta + Billie was launched. Now you can find her whipping up soap and body care goodness using ingredients from her favorite farm to table recipes.


Ringaile and Goda are the creators behind Day Dreamer World. Their friendship, as well as mutual ideas and aspirations challenges the time zones. They believe that aesthetics and design go hand in hand, and set very high quality standards for all of their products. They care about the tiniest details in everything they do and hope that will be shared and felt by each babies hands.


Superduperstudio is a design/manufacturing collaboration between Christopher Yamane and Matthew Johnson. They design glassware and lighting that embrace both art and function. Superduperstudio develops and prototypes all of its products in-house, and collaborates with expert craftsmen to bring its customers long-lasting products with an idiosyncratic touch. To them, design means more than just looking good: it’s the research, touch, care, history, heartbreak, and excitement that goes on behind the scenes.

GDS Cloth Goods

Geana Sieburger founded GDS Cloth Goods, as a way to provide ethical and sustainable alternatives to people who appreciate great design. By creating goods and facilitating workshops at the intersection of design, sustainability and community, it's her mission to pass on lost common-knowledge just as much as it is to purvey the goods she creates with precision and skill. She takes great care in her products and her lines of aprons, often collaborating with her clients to produce products that they would wear anytime.


Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish art of creating joy and coziness in life’s everyday moments, whatever the season or time of day. Hygge Life started in 2013 by partners and newlyweds, Alexandra & Koen. All of the goods that they produce are inspired by the Danish concept of hygge.


Bee's Wrap is the sustainable alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.  Founded in 2012 by Sarah Kaeck, a mother of three who was seeking to eliminate plastics from her kitchen, Bee’s Wrap is now made by hand in a Bristol, Vermont workshop tucked at the edge of a winding river.


Started by Gillian Reynolds, Jamnation, combines old-world French techniques with exquisite California fruits, to create unique flavors. All ingredients are local to the Bay Area and organic fruit with Fairtrade sugar + spices. Their jam is intensely flavorful because they use more fruit and 20-40% less sugar than traditional jam companies without added pectin.


Vosges Haut-Chocolat’s intriguing chocolate creations are made with the finest ingredients from around the world, sourced by Founder and Chocolatier Katrina Markoff. After graduating college, Katrina moved to Paris to pursue her dream of studying the culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu. Using her palate as her guide, she then embarked on a world tour that began with an apprenticeship in Spain under the direction of Ferran Adrià and continued east through Southeast Asia and Australia. Katrina’s fusion of indigenous spices, flowers, roots, herbs and liqueurs with premium chocolate creates a sensory experience that nurtures awareness of and appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures.

Benny gold

Benny Gold is a San Francisco based streetwear brand and boutique. It started with a simple sticker of a glider posted around town: inspired by the old mantra Stay Gold. It’s a reminder that the ideas and experiences we hold dear are the real gold inside each of us. Staying gold is what shapes us, what preserves our sense of self, and what keeps us young.

When it came time for Benny to establish his own brand, he stayed true to that concept. It’s how Benny Gold came to be, and it’s the foundation of his brand.

Little brick house

Little Brick House is owned and operated solely by Kerry Haley, a stay-at-home mom, turned work-at-home mom when her business grew into something more than a hobby about 3 years ago. Having a desire to stay at home with her kids, while also needing a creative outlet, Kerry taught herself to sew and began designing and crafting items for her kids and friends. Her goal is to create quality, affordable on trend designs.

Urb apothecary

Urb Apothecary began with a vision for skin care products that reflect the needs and desires to connect with simple chemical-free ingredients. Leyna, the founder, only uses the highest quality organic ingredients in every Urb Apothecary product. Each one reflects her good intentions and a deep-rooted fascination with the healing power of herbs and plants. 


Made by hand in Berkeley CA, Totem is a collection of homeware inspired by natural forms, simplicity, and traditional craft. Each piece of ceramics is made by hand with high-fire durable stoneware.


MMclay is a handmade tableware business run by ceramic artist and designer, Mary Mar Keenan, in her Hayes Valley studio in San Francisco. Mary Mar's pottery is used throughout many popular restaurants, and as a result, has become highly desirable tableware throughout private home collections as well.

Photo Credit: Luke Tate

north of west

North of West was born from collaboration. Brought together by two sisters and their love and respect for the process of design, intentional small batch manufacturing, and curation. They strive to embody these ideals in everything they do, from their brick and mortar shop to the patterns they create.


Elizabeth creates handmade eco-friendly soft toys for kids only using organic, recycled, and/or hand-dyed fabrics. A learned skill from her grandmother, sewing came naturally to her. She learned the importance to love and value the handmade, especially the personal connection and uniqueness that came from the process. 

juniper ridge

Juniper Ridge formulates Wilderness Perfume by distilling and extracting fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings that they harvest on the trail. Their company is built on the simple idea that nothing smells better than the forest and that the only way to bring this beauty home is to first strap on your boots and go there.

Jenny Pennywood

Jenny Pennywood is a fine artist, Jen Garrido's alter art ego. Currently, Jenny Pennywood is a home textile line focused on creating small batch, locally made, everyday products. All fabric is screen-printed in water-based inks and sewn in San Francisco, CA.


Made Solid in LA is a handmade leather goods and accessories brand from Los Angeles, Ca..Inspired by West Coast living, Their contemporary designs are made in-house, using traditional techniques and all natural materials.The name Made Solid references the connection we create through our creative process and the end result of our labor. Their goal is to create a solid connection between the raw leather their hands touch and the well used pieces their customers love.

Karl Zahn // Areaware

Karl Zahn is a freelance product and furniture designer in Greenpoint Brooklyn. His work examines contemporary materials and historical technologies in an attempt to create modern hybrids that are more applicable, beautiful and sustainable, with a Danish sensitivity to materials and joinery. Each piece is designed to withstand the passing of trends and foster complex relationships that grow more endearing over time. 

craig hill

Craighill aims to create distinct and useful objects for your person and home. Our products encompass a wide range of materials and functions, unified by a design philosophy that marries efficiency and exploration. Personal curiosity, industrial experimentation, and basic utility are the primary creative drivers behind the company.

Craighill strives for honest and precise manufacturing - much of which occurs in their New York studio. It is their belief that a well-designed product should be perfectly functional, and also tell a story about its creation and potential.


A love of comfort and beauty is what initially led Araya to the Twin Cities to pursue a career in interior design. Since then, the company she started, Willful, has turned into a brand of its own based on beautiful, unique and functional design.

Stcao Ceramics

StCao Ceramics is a small pottery studio based out of Seattle, WA.  The team is made up of Stephanie Cao, Jacob Jones, and a pup named Ken.  The main maker, Steph, makes handmade pieces that are wheel thrown or sometimes hand-built.  Having lived on both coasts, the pieces are inspired by water and Steph's home now in the Pacific Northwest.

Burly Beverages

Burly Beverages is based in Sacramento, California...which is also the city that the owner, Gabriel, calls home sweet home. They hand make and sell craft, small batch, natural soda syrups, soft drinks, shrubs and old-timey switchels that are free of corn syrup or added preservatives. 

Coffee Manufactory

Coffee Manufactory is a team of people who want to bring customers closer to farms, farms closer to roasters, roasters closer to baristas, and back again. Back to great farming relationships. Back to being good. Balanced. Clean.

Molly & Me Pecans

Molly & Me Pecans started in 2008 when Kay Holseberg, along with her dog Molly, started picking up pecans at her family's local farm. She used the fresh pecans to create new delicious treats to share with her family and friends. Today, Kay is still making her farm fresh, all-natural, gluten-free pecans on her own farm and sharing them with everyone - including you!

Bless Handcrafted Goods

Elliott Houha, is the Portland-based Bless Handcrafted Goods, owner and maker. BHG's unique aesthetic pays homage to the Native American culture he admires so much. Their simple, yet logical way of life and history of leather-craft is something that epitomizes what he’s trying to do with Bless. 


Paddywax Candles are an artisan candle company, based in Nashville, Tennessee. All of their products are made in the USA. There products are beautiful, aromatic, and well-made. They support National Parks and many more great charities with their designs as well, which makes them a winner in our book.


Basik Candle Co is a San Francisco-based producer of hand fragranced, hand poured and hand packaged coconut wax candles. Their combination of a coconut wax blend, skin-safe, phthalate-free fragrance oils and all-cotton wicks create a product that is eco-friendly, cleaner and safer to burn indoors, and also provides room-filling scent throw. 


Founder, designer and fellow mama, Rachel Goode, began creating her signature bonnets shortly after the birth of her daughter Gracelyn Briar. She understood the need for a tie-hat that was both beautiful and functional and took it into her own hands. The response to her handmade and heartfelt bonnets from grandmas and mamas alike was the beginning of Briar Handmade as you know it.


Nipomo was born to celebrate the local craft and traditions of Mexico and California. As a mother and daughter team (Elizabeth and Liz) they collaborate with skilled artisans from their home country of Mexico. Designing a modern product with traditional methods of making allows them to create unique products while preserving a slice of history, art, and craft. 

rustic bakery

Carol LeValley & Josh Harris started Rustic Bakery, Inc. on a whim in 2005. As far as we know, Rustic Bakery has the only handmade sourdough flatbread anywhere. A cracker is simply flour, water, and salt. Ingredients remain strictly local, organic when possible as well as globally sourced. The business has grown to three cafés and a wholesale division with 28 products. 

Bless Handcrafted Goods

Elliott Houha is an industrial designer from Portland, Oregon. He founded Bless Handcrafted Goods in 2012 to replacing disposable products with high quality, durable goods. 

Using only the finest natural materials such as vegetable tanned leather, wood, and brass, combined with a minimalist aesthetic, he works to create timeless pieces that get better with age.

9th and Larkin

9th & Larkin is a San Francisco based company making bean-to-bar chocolates in small batches. Each batch is handcrafted with the highest quality cacao beans sourced from a single region to achieve the purest flavor profile possible. They carefully select, sort, roast, and stone grind for days till chocolate is smooth. Just like single malt whiskey, or single origin coffee, you'll be able to taste the distinct flavors unique to each region of their cacao beans.

Caboose Spice & Company

Greg and Stacie Humpherys started Caboose Spice & Company in 2014 after delighting friends and neighbors with gifts of their homemade seasonings. With Stacie’s background in design and Greg’s culinary talents they created a down-to-earth collection of well-rounded seasoning blends to use all year round. Each blend is a nod to culinary traditions around the US and the globe. Their blends are made up only of ingredients you can pronounce: no MSG, no preservatives, artificial colors, or fillers. 

mustard and co.

Mustard and Co. took shape in 2013 on the basis that food is best enjoyed in the company of bold condiments. After months in the kitchen tweaking his original recipe, and minor injuries, Justin Hoffman teamed up with Bryan Mitchiner to provide high-quality, minimally processed mustard to the masses. Mustard and Co. emphasize quality local ingredients, and traditional techniques that preserve the mustard seed’s inherent, horseradish-like spiciness.

Hello Day

Hello Day is a high-end planner and stationery company designed for women of style. It was started in 2016 by Kirsten Wilson, an Interior Designer and life-long planner enthusiast. Their goal is to help you to feel good about yourself and about life. Hello Day encourages us all to greet each day with a fresh perspective.

Peoples choice

People's Choice Beef Jerky is a family business with over 90 years and four generations handcrafting artisan beef jerky, all in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. A tradition built on quality ingredients and a handmade process that delivers a better-quality, better-tasting, better-for-you jerky. This is not dusty gas station junk food. This is not a trendy snack concocted for product benefits instead of flavor. This is real food, made by real people. Small batch, artisan-quality beef jerky.

Hedley & Bennett

For the past eight years, Hedley and Bennett have been making amazing aprons and workwear for professional and home cooks everywhere. But, when they heard there was a shortage of protective gear in Covid, they redirected their operations in Los Angeles and started producing masks that could help as many people as possible. 

Each product is handcrafted from start to finish using top grade American canvas, raw Japanese selvage denim, and European linens.


This candle collection is handcrafted with 100% non-GMO soy wax, cotton-core, and lead-free wicks. They use a blend of essential oils and phthalate and paraben-free natural oils and their products are ethically produced and are free of preservatives, additives, dyes, lead, and petroleum. Their hope is to awaken your senses, evoke nostalgic memories and add a little love and light to your space.

G26 Project

All batches begin with Italian food-grade olive oil that rich in moisturizing elements. The soaps are scented with pure essential oils. No artificial fragrances or perfumes are used in the manufacturing process. saponified organic oils of olive, palm, coconut, and castor with shea butter, and essential oils. Scented with 100% pure geranium essential oil. 6.6 - 7.6 oz Made in the U.S.A


The Alexandra Mysoor Group is a luxury consumer goods and media holding company of which Par Avion is a part of.  This tea contains Green tea, black tea, bael nut, ginger pieces, turmeric, red and blue cornflower petals, natural flavors all made in California.