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Gifts for Halloween Lovers (Kids & Adults Both!)

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Gifts for Halloween Lovers


Oh, my gourd-ness, it's finally Halloween! 

Last year, hordes of witches, princesses, and pumpkins came out of hiding to celebrate Halloween. And this year should be no different. 

The excitement is growing as the days pass by. Approximately 65% of Americans plan to celebrate in 2021 with spending estimates coming in at over $10 billion. That comes out to over $100 per person spent on Halloween. 

We have plenty of ideas for you to consider that will take your gift-giving to the next level. So, sit back, relax, and let’s get this party started!

Give Gifts for Halloween Lovers That Will Make Them Hallo-Scream with Joy!

All bets are off this year with celebrating Halloween. Since most blogs these days are pushing the DIY, get in touch with “your inner creative self” Halloween ideas, this one is offering some alternative ideas.

Have you considered themed Gift Baskets as a way to celebrate Halloween? Whether you’re trying to one-up last year’s #squashghouls or become this year’s #hallow-queen, keep reading to find the perfect gifts for Halloween lovers like yourself.

Gift-giving is always a win if you ask us. No one is ever upset that you bought them a gift, even if they say, “you shouldn’t have!” Gifts are a great way to celebrate the things and people you love. And, being cooped up for too many months to count is scary enough, so try not to shy away from getting creative this spooky season with more than just your costume.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending the Halloween fanatics in your life their favorite candy. Even if they are on team #candycornisanabomination, there’s a sweet treat out there for everyone.

But, have you considered adding a little something extra without a lot of extra effort this year? For anyone who loves a little salt with their sweet, consider this Gourmet Sweets & Salt gift basket to kick off the celebrations. If for any reason Halloween just happens to coincide with the time you plan to show someone your appreciation, A Little Thank You might be the perfect option. The best part is, you won’t need to spend a lot of time deliberating because gifts like these are already put together and ready to ship.

halloween gifts for adults

Let’s Creep it Real, We Need Halloween Gifts for Kids Too!

Usually, kids do not need additional help acquiring more candy for Halloween. So if the candy part is covered, consider increasing the build-up to Halloween by counting down the days with any one of these wicked awesome calendar ideas. Find one you love or create one with your kids for a weekend craft. If you have the calendar covered but are still looking for “Halloween gift ideas,” consider putting together a spooky and spectacular gift basket for the equally spooky and spectacular kid in your life.   

We love these Halloween Ghost Cones with dulce de leche and white chocolate. Alternatively if you're looking for more options and already-made baskets take a look at Cheryl's Cookies where you'll find halloween baskets, treats, and toys galore! If you're avoiding sweets or have an older halloween lover perhaps they'll enjoy these bloody tattoos!

Halloween Gifts for Adults Who Skip Trick-or-Treating for a Boo-bble Bath 

Okay, maybe that’s not the exact wording your friend used, but for whatever reason, they’re not planning to leave the house this 31st and you want to find “Halloween delivery gifts” to lift their spirits. Look no further than this thoughtful and ready-to-ship gift basket to feed the Body, Mind, and Spirit. The truth is, you may be the one skipping the night out and looking to treat yourself to a night dedicated to Calm the Soul. The items found in these baskets are carefully sourced and intentionally created by a handful of artisans who care about the impact they make and also create great products. There’s no better way to buy a gift. 

If you're looking for smaller items, we love the gourmet candy selection from Recchiuti that you can view here.

halloween gift ideas

Halloween Wedding Gifts? We’ve Got You Covered.

If you don’t want to be that person who shows up at the wedding only for the “boos”, take the scary part of deciding on a gift out of the equation and stick with some home basics to wish the newlyweds years of wedded bliss. It might feel like a bit of a stretch but this Compliment Your Kitchen gift basket does have some orange undertones so it must be for Halloween lovers getting married ON Halloween right? Even if it’s a stretch, it won’t be hard for the new couple to love this gift. 

halloween wedding gifts

5 Gift-Giving Treats to Consider for Any Holiday

1. Pick a Theme

Start by selecting an overall theme and from there use it as a guide along the way to help you choose gifts and presentation style. The theme can be broad such as choosing a color, a shape, a certain item, a genre, etc. Or you could choose a theme based on the recipient’s favorite movie, season, superhero, or even a circumstance or special event in their life. Every single item you choose does need to overtly fit the theme. A theme can be overt and obvious but also subtle, classy, and understated.  

2. Personalize Whenever Possible

Adding a personalized touch to your gift can set it apart from any run-of-the-mill present. Even if it’s as simple as choosing a color you know the recipient loves or selecting a woven basket instead of a box to add to their basket collection. Small personalized touches to a gift can have a large and lasting impact. 

3. Source Gift Items Locally and Internationally

There are innumerable outrageously talented artisans and small business owners all over the world. Yes, it may take some extra effort to find the small businesses and local artisans to fit your gifting needs. But it is always worth investing the time. Don’t stress yourself out by thinking you have to do all the work and research either. There are businesses who already take the time and even share artisan stories to inspire you and connect you to the gifts you are giving.

4. Choose Sustainable Packaging

Try not to let the word sustainable scare you into thinking you need to start wrapping all your gifts in recycled plastic bubble wrap. Sustainable packaging can be re-using brown paper bags you already have in your possession or taking the time to do a quick search for naturally dyed tissue paper. The ways you can make small and intentional choices with regard to packaging can support the environment and support the entrepreneurs working hard to offer meaningful options. 

5. Don’t Overthink It

If you are able to give gifts by incorporating any of the above tips, that’s wonderful! And if you are not able to this time around, no need to worry. Try not to overthink any one category but instead take one tip and do the best you can with your next gift-giving opportunity, maybe Halloween? 

Looking for more creative gift ideas?

Find Fa-boo-lous Gifts for Halloween Lovers Before It’s Boo Late!

Maybe the ideas above didn’t quite hit the target. Look no further because you can customize a gift basket to perfectly suit your gifting needs. Who knows, maybe you need Halloween Birthday Gifts and you have yet to find the right one. Whether birthdays or weddings, kids or adults, we’re elevating the standard gifts for Halloween lovers this year. Send someone a gift basket and you’ll be way ahead of the carve!

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