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Breakfast In Bed
Breakfast In Bed
Breakfast In Bed
Breakfast In Bed
Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed


A great way to begin any day. Deliver breakfast in bed or a surprise in the kitchen, but you can't go wrong with this mix of morning time cheer. Enjoy Catskill pancake mix and the smoothest maple syrup to cross your taste buds. They'll finish it off with a hot cup of deep roast coffee. 



Catskill Pancake mix is made from the finest organic, traceable wheat and grown and milled in New York. Lovingly made in small batches, each package has tried-and-true recipes for light, fluffy pancakes and waffles.

This Charred oak & maple syrup can be drizzled over desserts, yogurt, pancakes, or ice cream. perfectly crafted to add a toasty, oaky complexity to your old fashioned or any classic cocktail. we’ve taken care of the details so you don’t have to - the night’s looking good (and so are you). Flavors of oak, burnt sugar and toffee.

Coffee Manufactory is sourced with intention and made from beans from farmers in Guatemala and El Salvador. Alone each coffee has much to offer, but together they create a blend rich with notes of cocoa, nougat, and sweet tobacco. This dark coffee is balanced and full-bodied.

Tien Giang Chocolate is a signature bar of 9th & Larkin. Made with cacao beans sourced from Tien Giang, Vietnam, this bar has beautiful notes of brown sugar, nuts, cinnamon, with hints of figs and persimmon on a solid chocolate background.



It all began with one beekeeping kit, and Catskill Provisions was born. Each of their products is carefully sourced to include only the finest, locally harvested ingredients to reveal a unique blend of flavors, earning us accolades and a loyal following of chefs, foodies and cocktail enthusiasts.

From the very first batch of cocktail syrup, Yes Cocktail Co. has been committed to using only 100% all-natural fruits, herbs, botanicals, and spices in our craft cocktail supplies and syrups. Their recipes are made from scratch with craft spirits in mind; designed to enhance your spirit, not cover it up. 

With over 2 decades of experience, Coffee Manufactory is developing exceptional coffees through extraordinary relationship based buying practices, multi-platform roasting strategies, and interconnected retail and supply chain collaboration. They believe that through key sourcing partnerships, coffee quality will reach its highest potential. As such, they are working towards a more sustainable future.


9th & Larkin is a San Francisco based company making bean-to-bar chocolates in very small batches. Each batch is handcrafted with the highest quality cacao beans sourced from a single region, and using just cacao beans, cane sugar and cocoa butter to achieve the purest flavor profile possible.



Box Size: 12.25x9x4.25
Order Processing: Because of the customization of the monogrammed notecards please allow 1 week before shipment is sent out. Please allow enough time for packages to arrive on time for your special day when ordering bulk orders.
Signature Kraft Gift Box pictured not included in total price and can be added to your order from this product page.

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