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Why Choose to Support Small Businesses and Artisans

Closing on a home is a significant milestone and the perfect opportunity for real estate agents to strengthen relationships with buyers and sellers. Commemorating this momentous occasion with a closing gift is a powerful gesture that helps real estate agents leave a lasting impression. With a special closing gift to remember you by, they will be more likely to return for your services in the future and refer you to their friends and family. It’s a genuine and effective way to market your real estate services and stay top-of-mind for your most important clients. 

Having worked as their realtor, you should be able to come up with a closing gift that is personal, memorable, and useful. After all, you’ve likely spent months getting to know them, the specific things they are looking for in a home, and what kind of lifestyle they lead. Say the couple buying the home was most excited about finding an open living area where they can throw parties and entertain their family and friends– perhaps a hostess-themed gift with a handcrafted serving board would be appropriate. Use what you know about the buyers or sellers to create a personalized gift set with home goods, plants, gourmet food items, alcoholic beverages, or anything else related to their interests. When in doubt, check out our housewarming gifts for inspiration. 

When deciding how much to spend on a closing gift, a general rule of thumb is anywhere between 1-5% of the commission earned. But how much you spend on the closing gift is less important than making sure it’s thoughtful. It truly is the thought that counts with this type of gift. Customizing your closing gifts is one easy way to add that personal touch and make the gift feel more special. With Bestowe, you can either pick from our curated product lists from our ready-to-ship gifts or work with your own dedicated account manager to create a fully custom gift. Either way, you’ll have one-on-one support and a trusted partner to handle all of the details and logistics for you! 

Although closing gifts are important, one closing gift on its own isn’t enough to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with your clients. To keep the momentum alive year after year, you can send them another celebratory gift or note of congratulations on the one-year anniversary of their closing date and major anniversaries to follow.

Why Supporting Small Businesses and Artisans is Important

... whether you’re buying for one person or thousands. Our gifts show an unparalleled level of detail and thought, and tell a story that is relatable and aspirational through human kindness. Whether it's 2,500 custom corporate gifts or one gift for mom, we curate unique themed gift boxes for every person in your life and make the process seamless. Need 5,000 gifts delivered to 5,000 locations, branded and sourced locally? We've got you covered. Want one gift that says it all? Shop our collection of pre-curated gifts and we'll ship it out with a handwritten greeting card! It's that simple.

Believe it or not, giving someone a gift can strengthen connections, improve employee retentionincrease ROI with clients, and create long-lasting relationships that continue to nurture and grow.

Diversity in Our Artisan Community

BIPOC owned businesses:

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Women owned businesses:

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Black owned businesses:

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How can large companies/corporate support small businesses

Meet the founder of Bestowe, Catherine.

That’s when the idea for Bestowe was born — perfectly curated gift boxes filled with small-batch artisan products, each with a story to tell about the artist and their wares.

As a designer, curating gifts and sharing beauty and art with others has long been a passion of mine, and I quickly discovered people loved our curated approach to providing them with unique gifting options from one person to thousands. Our unique concierge system gives our clients the confidence in knowing they have been heard and that their gift is a true extension of their intentions. From start to finish, we make sure that our client doesn’t have to lift a finger to send a quality gift.

ARTISAN spotlights

Bell Investors came to us for their 30th Anniversary. We absolutely love this sort of project: they asked specifically for local artists to be in the gift boxes. From a locally sourced reclaimed redwood serving board to a candy bar with artwork commissioned from a local artisan, they were overjoyed with the end product.

For employees within the company as a thank you for a completion of group project, we came up with an Office Upgrade gift that would spice up the desks of all those who received. You can actually shop a similar gift in our ready-to-ship gifts called the Office Upgrade.

"Working with Catherine to create memorable packages for our virtual event attendees was super easy and enjoyable. She brought great ideas to the table and delivered high quality products. Our customers absolutely loved it!"