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Perfectly unique gifts for every person in your life. Each gift tells a story.

About Catherine

Catherine is a Midwest girl most at home on the West Coast. A designer in the Bay Area for over 15 years, she has worked for global brands and agencies including Gap, Inc and Pandora Radio. Previously, she ran Local Social, a blog featuring renowned artists plus an events/style/arts outfit organizing happenings around the Bay Area.

Catherine, a curator from the start, meticulously planned a luau party in second grade, complete with tissue paper pineapple decor and Hawaiian menu. She has a drive to create an experience through the act of giving through both events and gifting. She loves the act of gift giving and the joy that homemade gifts bring; every holiday Catherine makes shrubs, candles, art or yummy crafts for family and friends. A dreamer and a planner, she completely gutted, redesigned and rebuilt her Oakland home with her husband.

When not planning her next adventure in business or craft, gardening in her backyard, or dreaming of the next sun-soaked (and preferably humid and beachy) destination, she can be found hosting lively parties for family and friends.

Catherine lives in Oakland with her husband and son.


While struggling to find the perfect gift for a couple of very close friends, that special something that represented both thoughtful sentiment, good design, and quality, Catherine discovered a lack in the market. What she saw was gifting companies offering items without a story or meaning; there was a disconnection between the box and the quality and thought/emotion. An idea was born: perfectly-curated gift boxes filled with small-batch artisan products, each with a story to tell about the artist and their wares.

Using her skills as a designer and curator, and history interviewing and promoting artists, she created Bestowe. With Bestowe, the narrative of gift giving is redefined.

Bestowe gifts are about the connection, between gift giver and the lucky one/s on the receiving end, and the story behind an artist’s craft and awesome products s/he creates. Catherine sources the artisan-made goodies that go into her boxes, assembling thoughtful, unique gifts designed to bring joy.

Whether you’re looking for a memorable housewarming present, something new for a hard-to-shop-for guy, gifts for your event, or the ideal gift for a new family, make sure to make a connection. Bestowe.