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Baby Shower Love
Baby Shower Love
Baby Shower Love
Baby Shower Love
Baby Shower Love
Baby Shower Love

Baby Shower Love


The perfect gift for new baby and parents. This cozy and cuddly combo is designed to give everyone in the new family something to enjoy. From a lovey/comfort blankie made with the softest material for baby's sweet cheeks, natural baby balm good for both mama and babe, baby leather baby booties, baby's new favorite book from Eric Carl and coffee for the parents to enjoy, this gift has a little bit of it all.


Finally, momma can drink coffee again! It might be a little indulgence now that she's waited so long, but her and dad won't be disappointed. This Dark Coffee from Coffee Manufactory is sourced with intention and made from beans from farmers in Guatemala and El Salvador. Alone each coffee has much to offer, but together they create a blend rich with notes of cocoa, nougat, and sweet tobacco. Balanced and full-bodied.


The cutest of cute, soft sole baby leather shoes from EVTODI. Choose between 2 sizes and 2 colors, both perfect to keep any baby's toes warm and safe while they're still learning to crawl, and then walk.


You really can't get enough loveys and blankets for your baby. These items will become the crutch of your new parenthood, something you don't ever want to leave behind. They are a solid comfort device for your baby and worth every investment. These Baby Leaf Co. loveys are made of the softest faux fur (for the baby's gentle skin and a beautiful modern print for the parents' taste.


Baby Balm brings healing and soothing to irritated, cracked, painfully dry skin and works amazingly for diaper rash or even for mom! Organic sunflower oil with an all organic lineup of calendula, chamomile, hops, and lavender flowers.


Eric Carle is a classic and so is his beloved book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Try this hard backboard book ideal for reading (supplementing as a teether for those little rascals).



With over 2 decades of experience, Coffee Manufactory is developing exceptional coffees through extraordinary relationship-based buying practices, multi-platform roasting strategies, and interconnected retail and supply chain collaboration. Their immense focus on sourcing impacts and sets the standard for every part of our business. They believe that through key sourcing partnerships, coffee quality will reach its highest potential. As such, they are working towards a more sustainable future.


Baby Leaf Co. is a one-woman shop that makes modern baby blankets that kids love and moms actually want to use. High-quality textiles with a modern sensibility are sourced to create one-of-a-kind pieces for families to treasure for years. 


Urb Apothecary was Leyna's vision for skincare products that reflect the need and desire to reconnect with simple chemical-free ingredients. She only uses the highest quality organic ingredients in every Urb Apothecary product. Each one reflects her good intentions and a deep-rooted fascination with the healing power of herbs and plants.


Box Size: 16x11.25x4.25


Order Processing: Please allow 2-3 days before shipment is sent out. Please allow enough time for packages to arrive on time for your special day.


Signature Kraft Gift Box pictured not included in total price and can be added to your order from this product page.

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