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When Corporate Events Go Virtual

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Does Corporate Gifting have a place in a Virtual Business World?

In the last 90 days we have seen mind-boggling shifts in our economy. General Motors has halted vehicle production and is making ventilators, distilleries around the country are making hand sanitizer, garment companies like Hedley and Bennett (soon to be featured in our Support Local gift boxes for Southern California), and Gap are sewing masks instead of the season’s newest trends, and restaurants have come up with creative ways to sell meal kits and family-style meals as they struggle to hang on. 

Times are certainly changing, and so must we, right? We can no longer pretend that this Covid Virtual Life #covidvirtuallife is going away anytime soon. So, we must adapt. With all that said, I don't see it as completely negative. Sure, there are the constant WFH distractions, the cat throwing up or kid throwing a tantrum, the frustrating need to put on real pants to feel like a human. But on the bright side, in some ways we are connecting with people we haven't seen in a while, we are learning new technologies, and learning that we CAN do this. I know for sure my son knows more about zoom than I do at this point! That can't be bad, right? Maybe now we've become a little more accustomed to this new Virtual Reality (no, not VR).

I know I’m not the only one thinking this, but, how much of these temporary changes will become the new normal? Have we become more efficient? Do we like to work from home better (not while homeschooling of course!)? Corporations have thrown everyone in the deep end (and of course, not by choice) to learn how to conduct virtual conferences, hr trainings, and networking events all online. Salesforce announced that there will be no more physical conferences for the rest of 2020! We are even watching music concerts online. The fact is, we have begun to see more companies adapting and changing, and if you haven't now, you may soon enough whether you like it or not.

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Changes in the Covid Corporate World:

Ernst & Young has been at the forefront of advice and insight into our new Covid-19 world. One of the key takeaways from their article on workplace challenges for me is 

“Beyond all the other essential measures, the key factor that will put an organization in the best shape to handle disruption, both now and in the future, is its people.” and “Personalized learning and development correlate with higher levels of employee engagement; critical not only to equipping your workforce with the skills and confidence they need to succeed today and in the post-COVID-19 world but also to keep ‘hibernating’ employees engaged and ready to re-mobilize.”

The leader in customer relationship management services, Salesforce, immediately reacted to Covid by adapting their internal workings to meet the need for the wellness of their employees by offering B-Well Together sessions morning and night for their employees. The sessions consist of Zoom conferences with guests such as anthropologist Jane Goodall and Ariana Huffington to inspire and uplift morale. You can also access them here: B-Well. They have even created a platform to help employers and employees go back to work, SAFELY, after Covid called Work.com

Corporate Event Companies Going Virtual

Times are definitely changing. On the flip side, we talked with Chicago based Events Coordinator, Patrick from PC Events and Experiences in Chicago regarding his take on this new virtual world as an expert in the event planning industry. When asked if he thought that virtual events would stick around, he said:
Absolutely! We all want live events to come back… and we all know the importance of face-to-face experiences. It’s human nature to crave that interaction with one another. BUT, I think what we’re seeing is that everyone is acknowledging that virtual has a place by our side. There are tons of benefits with hosting a virtual component to live events. In such a global economy, virtual can help broaden your reach and make an event accessible to those who can’t travel.
We also asked him to weigh in on what sort of events he is seeing shift or possibly be able to shift to online virtual events?
This goes with our answer to the continuation of virtual… What we’re seeing is that companies are realizing that certain events CAN be hosted very easily in an online format. Trainings that simply require the presentation of material and studying of employees can readily be hosted online. Messages from leadership can be distributed through internal sites and don’t require the whole company to be in one place at one time. We’re seeing that constantly with the CEOs of major corporations turning to video to distribute messages instead of on the main stage at an internal conference.

What likely WON’T shift over the long term are the events that require networking to build relationships. Those interactions are much harder to mimic right now in a virtual experience.


How Can Corporate Gifting Promote Employee Engagement:

  1. New Employee OnBoarding & Trainings: Companies are still hiring. The onboarding process has shifted to a virtual. HR departments are getting creative by creating engaging employee training. Sending a personal welcome gift for your new hire's home office is a great way to send appreciate for adapting to a more challenging way of joining a company. 
  2. Employee Engagement: Use of communication tools like Slack and Skype are being used to boost morale. In addition, virtual team building activities are trending. Snacknation gives us some pretty awesome remote team building ideas here. We are thinking why not add in a little competitiveness and compete for a top prize! 
  3. Conferences: Virtual corporate conferences are not only now attainable, but also might become the way of the future. With reduced overhead, there is more in the budget for employee and client gifting! We've got you covered! 

5 Benefits to Running Virtual Events

There are real benefits for businesses to host and run virtual events. 

1. The Ultimate Reach: While an audience may not be able to travel to you, you can take your message to your audience nearly anywhere, at any time. And, it stays online indefinitely for future drive to your business.

2. Lower Overhead: According to most studies, it can be nearly 75% less expensive to produce than most typical live events.

3. Profitable Feedback – Hearing from your audience can be instantaneous, and question and answer sessions can be in real time. 

4. Engaged Audiences – Your audience can instantly log in and feel a part of your event.

5. Variety of Choices – Telesummits, Webinars, Teleseminars…the list goes on and on. You can choose to make it interactive, invite guest speakers, offer language options, etc. From live streaming to video to audio-only – the choice for the best solution is yours. 

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New Corporate Gifts from Bestowe:

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