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Expert Wedding Advice: Create Your Perfect Wedding Day

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If you missed our special Instagram takeovers that happened last month, do not worry; I'm giving you all the deets right here in our blog recap. First I'll back up a bit. We wanted to come out with a bang to announce our free Wedding Gift Guide and Checklist for brides. We realized we had so much more than just a gift guide to offer, we could ask our friends and experts in the wedding industry to give you exclusive advice to commemorate our guide. (P.S. if you haven't signed up for this gift guide, click on the link above! It's filled with great info that will keep your wedding plans moving along effortlessly).

In August, we pooled together some of our favorite wedding people to share their insight on how to plan the perfect wedding: with advice from Scott Clark, one of the top wedding photographers in the world (named by Harpers Bazaar), to seasonal color palettes from floral designer Darcy at Seascape Flowers, to what destinations for honeymoons are trending from 100 Layer Cake, and how to organize the wedding day and entertain your guests with our event and wedding planner partners, The Framework Events and E Events Co..

We got so much good insight that I think we'll have to share it over two blog posts, so stay tuned for more soon! Sign up here and we'll keep you posted when the next blog post comes out.

wedding photography Bridal Party bride groom Scott Clark Photo

Scott Clark Photo

Tips on Day Of Wedding Photography

First up is Scott Clark from Scott Clark Photo is fast becoming a leader in the wedding photography scene. Now with a title as one of the top wedding photographers in the world from Harpers Bazaar he certainly has what it takes to capture any wedding and the special moments that come with the event. He has worked with some amazing photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and Nick Vedros to build his craft into an outstanding career and we are so excited to have him on board as one of our experts to slap down some knowledge about taking solid photos for the big day. 


What is one important question you should ask your wedding photographer before working with them?
How would you best describe your style of photography in your own words. This will help couples have a better idea if this photography hits their style.


Do we need engagement photos?
Yes. I always encourage having engagement photos prior to your wedding day. It’s a great ice breaker for getting in front of the camera and a way for us to work together and get to know each other before the big day. 

wedding photography couple bride Scott Clark Photo

Should we shoot before the wedding or after for our together shot?
My personal preference is to do portraits before the ceremony. This way there's more time for us to get the all of the necessary shots and allows you to have more time with your guests at cocktail hour. 


wedding photography couple bride Scott Clark Photo

What are the 2 must have shots every couple needs but doesn't know.
The first look is a great photo opportunity right before the wedding. If you’ve opted not to see each other before the wedding, you’d miss out on this really sweet moment. Another shot that’s been fun lately, are more styled and posed family or bridal party portraits. It can take a little more time to style but you’ll love the results because it’s not your typical posed family shot.


How much time can we expect to have our photographer working the day of? 
You can expect to have your photographer for at least 8 hours. 


wedding photography couple bride Scott Clark Photo All Photos by Scott Clark Photo
Any tips you have for the day of for the bride?
My biggest tip, is to get to know your photographer before the big day. Since the photographer will be with you for most of the day, being comfortable, will allow for better portrait moments. With that in mind, also be open to creative ideas. Your photographer can see the best moments to capture, so be open to going out in the field or climbing up on a rock for them to really get a moment that will make a lasting impression. Obviously within limits but be open to taking a little time to get some really nice portraits.

Eileen from E Events Co.

Eileen owns a full service and month of wedding planning + coordination + design company based in sunny Santa Cruz California. She was ready for your questions and boy did she come with some answers on our Instagram Stories. Thanks for sending those questions in everyone! Eileen gave us some great insight into tablescapes that she has been a part of creating. Hopefully some of them inspire you!


Tablescape garland wedding planner Julie Cahill photography entertain


What wedding details are actually worth the money?  I like to look at the wedding planning process as throwing the best party you are ever going to throw for yourselves.  Good food, good booze and good entertainment are a winning combo. 


Sit down dinner or hors d'oeuvre's? I love a sit down dinner, but that doesn't necessarily have to be super formal. I am a big fan of one long table with dinner served family style. It creates such an intimate and fun ambiance, and truly gives your guests an opportunity to get to know one another while sharing a meal.
Tablescape garland wedding planner Julie Cahill photography entertain


What is the best bit of advice you can give for couples on the day of their wedding? The best advice I can give couples on the day of their wedding, is to truly relax and enjoy the day.  It goes so incredibly fast, and it is very important to try and be present and in the moment, and truly enjoy every second because it will be over in the blink of an eye.  If you have hired a good coordinator, they should absorb any day of stress and be handling any little hiccups that might present themselves day of, behind the scenes so that you and your loved ones are not even aware


Holman Ranch Frida Table garland wedding planner Julie Cahill photography
Photo of tablescapes: Julie Cahill Photography

What is some advice for planning a destination wedding around the holidays? I would definitely recommend to send your save the dates out very early, because the holidays are already such a busy time of year, so you want to give your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements ahead of time.  The cost of a destination wedding can quickly add up, so make sure you do all your research before you make your first visit out to meet with vendors so that you can accomplish as much as possible on that initial visit. Hiring a good team of vendors that can really be your 'eyes on the ground' is so important, and will ensure a smooth and successful wedding planning experience! 


The Framework Events

How can I entertain all of my guests for multiple days without blowing my budget? 

First things first - introduce everyone! Your 'kick-off' event should be casual and fun and it doesn't have to be expensive. Walking tours, group tickets to a baseball game with food vouchers, special museums or arcades - these are perfect environments for strangers to become friends and some of them are even free!Kissing couple wedding

Photo: Kjrsten Madsen

How do I get my guests around town and make sure they show up on time?  

Custom Uber/Lyft discount codes are a great way to help your guests get around town and it let's them know you've considered their time & efforts to be with you.  And when prompt arrival is mandatory - like at your ceremony - hire professional wedding transportation!


Whats your #1 tip for hosting on the big day? 

Cold beverages always at the ready!  Wedding days are usually long. Cold (and alcoholic) beverages take the sting out of tired feet and make a suit jacket feel A LOT better. Work with your wedding planner to make sure there are drinks ready everywhere you and your guests will be.   

Do I have to have a Pinterest board to plan a wedding? 

No, but gathering a few photos that capture you and your fiancé's style will help you communicate with all of your vendors so the whole weekend feels cohesive.  
City hall elope weddings


A tip about selecting a venue from The Framework Events: Ask to walk through the venue as one of your invited guests. You want to get a sense of what the guests will encounter before arriving at your party. Where are they parking? How far will they walk? Will they hear the music? Where will they place their coats and purses? Where are the restrooms? Review as many elements as you can from the guests point of view.  


If you like what you see, let us know by email, We would love to share content like this with you more often. And stay tuned for more blog posts from Wedding Experts,

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