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Virtual Mothers Day Cards: FREE

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🌷FREE VIRTUAL MOMS DAY CARDS just in time for Mother's Day! Moms Come in Many Different Forms. Whether we are talking about your actual mom or someone filling in for the mom role in your life (a friend, therapist, mother-in-law), Mother’s Day is a celebration of a special relationship. Send all your moms a card this Mother's Day! Repost any card here. We just ask that you tag us in your post to them. Tag us with @bestowegifting and #Bestowemoms 


Mothers Day Thank you Card


This mom is wise beyond wise. You turn to her first in a time of need. Heck, she might be your therapist! She never judges and feels everything you feel with you. Listening is in her DNA and empathy is her middle name.
Virtual Mother's Day Card Free

THE SPIRTUAL MOM thank you card

This person always has the right thing to say at the exact right moment. She is truly gifted with the ability to open your eyes to see things differently. They bring light to our day, share mantras and skills to bring us back to our mindfulness practice, encourage self-compassion, and nudge us to get back into that yoga routine we keep putting off. 


Mother's Day Gift Card

THE SELFLESS MOM Mothers day card

This is the person who never needs anything. And never does anything for herself. She always puts others first and is fulfilled by others around her being happy. You are inspired by her to be a better you, and look up to her selfless endeavors to feed the homeless, to catch that stray cat and take it to the vet, to help a neighbor through a rough patch.
Mothers day card

THE LEADER Mother's day card

This mom leads by example. She may be the CEO you dream of being, the entrepreneur you aspire for, the woman who fights for what she wants and doesn't take no for an answer. We seek our her advice to help us learn how to dampen our ego. She helps us know our limitless potential, see our worth and beauty and not believe anything less. She inspires strength and confidence in all that we do. 


Mother's Day Virtual Greeting Card


This is the mom that can do it all. Juggles homemaking and homework and a successful career. Somehow she finds balance and peace in it all. You look up to her for her organization and cunning advice on parenting. She is someone you can laugh and cry with, and ask for the extra tissue at the bottom of her purse
Mother's Day motherhood

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