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Unique Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

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Beautiful dresses, gorgeous bouquets of flowers, music, dancing, and lots of delicious food. Weddings are such a wonderful part of life, but there’s been quite a lull in them over the past year for obvious reasons! I'm jonesing to get out and enjoy one of the perks of having friends fall in love.

If you’re headed to a wedding any time soon, you’re probably starting to think about the basics of being an invited guest at someone special’s exchanging of vows. You’re trying to decide what to wear, who you should go with, and one of the most important parts, what to bring as a gift. But, you don’t just want to bring them anything. You want to explore unique wedding gifts and options that truly fit the couple you’re celebrating.

Finding Unique Wedding Gifts

Traditionally, wedding gifts have been basic kitchen gadgets, home decor items, and other simple tools to help the two move forward into married life. However, times are changing and people would rather give something that’s heartfelt, meaningful, and unique, as well as useful. 

Of course, we aren't suggesting to abandon everything that the couple has asked for, but in a way, your rogue gift might just give them something different that they didn't know that they needed!

If that sounds up your alley and you’re looking for unique wedding gifts to give the bride and groom at the next one you attend, you’ve come to the right place. 

Want to learn more about what we offer?

Get Their Bar Cart Party Started

The newlyweds could use something special for drinking time and building up their at-home bar cart. The Mixologist bar essentials include a specialty wine glass, stirrers, coasters, chocolate, and more. It’s the perfect gift for a couple that enjoys a good cocktail and is ready to toast to their new life together!

As an additional treat, throw in a couple of bottles of liquor or wine. Consider a wine or whiskey subscription. Or buy from a brand that gives back with each bottle it makes. We’re big fans of Humanity Wine Co. They make excellent wine and donate 50% of their profits to great causes!

Turn this great gift into a completely personalized gift for the bride and groom by thinking of their favorite drinks and adding them to the Mixologist bar essentials.

Date Night for the Newlyweds

What’s more romantic than a sunset picnic? If you answered nothing, you’re right. Help the bride and groom start their marriage with an unforgettable picnic. With the Summer Picnic Set, get the newlyweds an ethical, woven blanket, adorned with the shapes of the moon, a box of delicious rosemary crackers, honey, and bonbons. They’ll be dreaming of romance right from the beginning. 

Add a custom, engraved charcuterie board that they can take along on their picnics. Write a personal message on the board, lyrics to their song, or something else that reminds them of them. Bay Area Redwood is an excellent choice for custom boards like this! If you’re interested in getting one of their beautiful reclaimed wood boards give us a shout!

Stocking the Kitchen

Do the bride and groom spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Maybe they just love cooking or they enjoy hosting dinners and other gatherings. Whatever the case may be, there are a couple of specialty kitchen items that you can give as unique wedding gifts.

The Start Cooking kitchen set is great for couples who are often in the kitchen. Get honey, a honey wand, a denim apron, and bees wrap for sustainable food storage. With the Host, Your Heart Out Box, get a handmade serving board and spoon, along with some delicious jam. 

You can even include a gift card to their favorite grocery shop so they can work on their kitchen game!

The Final Word on Unique Wedding Gifts

You don’t have to give the same old wedding gifts that everyone gives. Take the time to find special, unique wedding gifts that show the bride and groom you care. From a picnic set to encourage date nights, to stocking their bar and helping them make up their home together, there are many unique gifts out there that will ensure you give presents with heart!

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