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Travel Gifts for the On-the-Go People in Your Life!

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travel gifts

Tourism is on the rise; in fact, global tourism reached record-highs in recent years. With more and more people traveling nowadays, more of us are on the hunt for useful and interesting travel-themed gifts or gift baskets for our jet-setting friends, family members, and colleagues. 

A travel-themed gift is perfect for a recent grad headed off on their first solo trip, an employee or coworker who frequently travels for work, a couple taking off on their honeymoon, or any other travel lover in your life. A thoughtful travel gift, whether fun or practical, is a great way to send off your loved ones and get them excited about the adventures that lie ahead! In this article, we’ll share some tips and tons of travel gift ideas to get you inspired. 

Travel Gift Guide

When searching for the perfect travel gift, first consider what type of traveler you’re shopping for. Are they a jet setter or road tripper? Do they typically stay in luxury resorts or do they prefer to rough it? Do they spend their days lounging on the beach or climbing mountains? The more personal the gift, the better! 

There are many different categories of travel gifts to consider: 

  • Convenience: Many travel gifts are designed to make travel easier and more convenient, such as universal power adapters, portable hot spots, pocket voice translators, portable GPS devices, packing cubes, etc. These kinds of gifts are extremely practical and useful. 
  • Comfort: Another great travel gift is anything that makes those long plane rides, car rides, camping trips, or hostel stays more comfortable. This could be a silk sleep sack, a neck pillow, or even a VIP airport lounge access pass. 
  • Entertainment: An entertaining travel gift could be a travel-sized game, a beach read, an audiobook subscription, a disposable camera, a journal or sketchbook… anything to help pass the time during those long layovers or lazy vacation days. 
  • Wellness: Many people pamper and care for themselves while they’re on vacation– they rest, rejuvenate, and refresh their mind, body, and spirit. A self-care-themed travel gift could be a face mask, some high-end toiletries, some healthy treats, a subscription to a mediation app, or a packable yoga mat… Anything that encourages a bit of “me time.” 

Travel Gifts for Men

We love this beeswaxed canvas travel kit for men and women travel junkies alike. The material is durable, yet not overly bulky– and the leather handle and trimmings give it an elegant, sophisticated feel. Fill it up with a few travel essentials and toiletries and you’ve got the perfect gift for any frequent flyer. 

travel gifts for men

For an outdoorsy traveler or backpacker, this camping gift set includes a Miir enamel mug, natural hand foraged soap from Juniper Ridge, some jerky, a versatile handkerchief, and Intelligensia Instant Coffee packets. Essential, consumable items like these are great for a wide range of adventures, from backpacking to car camping and so much more. 

travel gifts for men

Travel Gifts for Women

A beautiful beach towel or blanket is a great gift for any sun-seeker – extra points if it’s ethically made! This gift will be used for so many different kinds of outings and adventures: beach days, picnics in the park, lake swims, camping trips, etc. Just make sure it’s lightweight and packable so as not to take up too much precious real estate in their suitcase. 

travel gift blanket

This gift set includes a beautiful brass key ring and lovely leather clutch that’s the perfect size for traveling. Stylish yet practical, these items will help any woman traveler stay organized while they’re on the go. 

travel gifts for women

Travel Gifts for Couples

If you want something cute and matchy-matchy for a pair of newlyweds, honeymooners, or anniversary-goers, you could get them a set of matching passport holders or luggage tags. For more sentimental value, personalize the gift with their initials, last name, or wedding date. 

For more outdoorsy couples, we like the idea of a cozy double sleeping bag, a two-person hammock, or a love-seat camping chair. Gifts that encourage more quality time together are the best! 

Gifts for People Who Travel for Work

When you’re constantly on the go for work, you often start to dread the long travel days. A gift to make traveling more comfortable and enjoyable, such as a pair of noise-canceling headphones, a silk sleep mask, or a padded foot sling, would surely be appreciated. A portable power bank is another practical gift option for those who are constantly on the go but need to stay connected. 

gifts for people who travel for work

For creative types, give them a gift that will get their creative juices flowing on those boring travel days. This could be an adult coloring book, a sketchbook and some pencils, or a travel-sized watercolor set. This creative brainstorm gift set with vibrant colored pencils and some delicious treats would be the perfect gift to give someone before a long international flight.

unique travel gifts

Unique Travel Gifts 

Some travel lovers seem to have all the essentials covered, which makes them harder to shop for. But there are so many unique and usual travel gifts out there! Here are just a few examples to get your creative juices flowing: 

  • A book of “travel challenges” to help them get outside of their comfort zone and make special memories. Examples of challenges could be trying a local food they’ve never tried before or spending an entire day unplugging from technology. This gift could even be homemade! 
  • Another fun idea is a unique travel diary with prompts or dedicated space to store travel stubs and other little mementos. This will help them preserve memories from their trip for years to come. 
  • A travel cord roll is a practical gift that’s a bit less common. It will keep all their headphones, chargers, and other electronic cords tidy and easily accessible. 
  • A nature meditation deck with a variety of mindfulness prompts would be perfect for any lover of the outdoors. 
  • A bon voyage or welcome home party to help them feel the love! 

Gifts for Travel Lovers from Bestowe!

For more travel gift ideas, check out the wide variety of carefully curated gift sets on our website. We have ready-to-ship gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for employees, and even custom gifts! Our gifts are sustainably sourced and support small businesses and artisans, so you can feel good about the gifts you give. Start shopping now and reach out to us with any questions! 

custom travel gifts

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