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Cute Things to Get Your Best Friend for Christmas

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The title or label doesn’t matter as much as what it truly means to have a best friend, a BFF, a bestie, a ride or die, a soulmate, or whatever other word perfectly describes that important friend in your life. The holidays are fast approaching and you might be feeling stumped on what to get your best friend to show them just how much you care. No need to worry though, we have compiled a bunch of interesting and fun Christmas gift ideas, links to incredible and convenient holiday gift sets, and insight into making gift choices that are meaningful and personal.

Need Help Finding Things to Get Your Best Friend for Christmas?

Look no further! We have the 411 to save you time and from overthinking. We’re here so that you won’t end up buying the same candle you’ve purchased the last 2 years, even if it is “their all-time favorite candle.” 

The Ultimate Brain Dump of Best Friend Gift Ideas

Personalized + Monogrammed

One classic gift idea is to get you and your BFF something monogrammed that will remind you of one another each time you use it or wear it or see it hanging on the wall. This could include jewelry, pieces of art, coffee mugs, keychains, slippers, and more. For further inspiration check out this extensive collection of monogram gift options. If you are crafty and artistic, try making a version of something you see to add an even more personalized and special aspect to your gift. Other personalized options might include matching holiday pajama sets, or these quirky matching slippers with adorable goats on them. For a more ethereal idea, consider a star map, or a personalized location map of where you two became friends. Think of something your friend loves and buy them the DIY version of it, like an at-home boba making set.

Perhaps your best friend could use some self care or a  reminder to slow down. For this we love the Calm The Soul gift set with loose leaf Ajna tea, a rose and salt bath soak, and a decadent single-origin dark chocolate bar.

Calm the Soul Christmas Gift

This Around the Campfire Gift set is a perfect option for an outdoor, campfire-loving BFF and requires nothing more than clicking the purchase button!

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Low-Key + Local

If you live near your soul-mate-sister / brother-from-another-mother, or can easily purchase local gifts online, consider buying a collection of gift cards to your best friend's favorite coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. Buying more than one gift card might seem like you will end up spending tons of money, but even $10 at three favorite stores is meaningful and shows that you know your friend well.  These Support Local Gift Boxes are also a great option, as they are ready-to-ship and intentionally sourced from local artisans in both Southern and Northern California. If your friend isn’t local to the Golden State, a small amount of research into their city will most likely produce tons of options for your own version of a local gift box as well. 

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Experiential + Exciting 

It can be difficult to come up with fun and adventurous things to do with you and your bestie. This holiday season, instead of giving them something they might honestly lose by New Year’s Eve, set up a list of experiences for your friend to choose from that you both have wanted to do. This could include something inexpensive such as a specific hiking trail to a waterfall you keep talking about, or that one thing you're afraid of but want to challenge yourselves to try this year, like going up in a hot air balloon, horseback riding on the coast, or finally trying skydiving. Another idea is to look into local classes and enroll you and you and your ride-or-die in cooking classes, knitting classes, or any other class that tickles your fancy!   

Different + Enduring 

There are certain gifts that can truly “keep on giving” for months or even an entire year after the holidays. If your BFF is the nature-loving type, maybe this could be a parking pass to their local national park. For the artsy, romantic, or historian BFFs, how about museum tickets for the year, a subscription to audible, or a monthly wine club? The options here are endless and can be so much fun well beyond opening the “gift” itself. Another option, but this only applies to those who have a green thumb, is to buy matching plants that remind you of your best friend, and remind you to keep “growing your friendship” 🤣. But if either of you are terrible with plants, don’t try this idea at home! Plants are not actually a good indicator of the health of your friendship.


Ready for more gift content?

An Added Touch For When You Need Long Distance Christmas Gifts

People can become best friends at many different stages in life. For those who met as children or in college, it’s highly likely that at some point, if you don’t already, you may not live near each other. If that is the case, you might be wondering what kinds of gifts are great for those friendships that have endured time and distance? If you enjoy receiving mail every once in a while and can conceivably find a stamp somewhere, consider buying decorative cards or personalized stationery so you and your BFF can be pen pals throughout the year. Or maybe enter your bestie in a newly established “BFF Book Club,” where every 3 months you send them whatever book you are currently reading and loving. Then you can make a plan to talk about it over the phone before the next book shows up in the mail. It’s also possible that you and or your BFF have children, multiple jobs, or something new on the horizon, and keeping up with something like this just isn’t possible. To keep things simple, you can show your love with this Block Printed Scarf Gift Set without adding any additional time to your schedule, now or in the future. It’s ready to ship and full of love!

long distance christmas gifts

Try Not to Overthink Which Things to Get Your Best Friend for Christmas

Gift-giving and the holidays are a wonderful time of the year and such a special part of relationships. But nothing should cause so much stress that it takes away from enjoying the holidays or spending quality time with your BFF. Hopefully, if they are lucky enough to be called your best friend, they will be grateful for any gift you give them this year!

To see more, explore our wide selection of curated gift sets here! Happy Gifting!

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