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The Best in Halloween Candy Alternatives

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Halloween: A History of Candy

Who knows how long ago it was that Halloween expanded to involve copious amounts of candy being handed out to little kids late on a school night and only to induce temporary diabetes in their poor little souls. Dramatic, I know. Statistics estimate that a quarter of all the candies sold yearly in the United States are bought for Halloween. Not to mention that Halloween is now an 8 billion dollar business! When I was a kid I remember mostly candy, handmade, popcorn balls or caramel apples, and loose change as part of my stash. Nowadays, what has changed is that there are a lot more events surrounding Halloween where kids can get more candy: kid parades, school festivities, neighborhood parties, and more.

I don't want to be a scrouge (or whatever the Halloween equivalent is), but when my sons allotment of candy is given out, who do you think is stuck with the rest of the loot!? That's right, me? And I don't need the extra 10 pounds and countless hours of shame that will ensue. It's bad enough that I've already started eating candy to prepare for it. 

So, what else can we do, as the givers of treats this Halloween? I've come up with a short list of great Halloween treats to give out that will still be a hit with the kids.

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The Best in Halloween Candy Alternatives

Healthy Choices for Halloween Treats

There will always be the candy givers. So, try being the opposite, a healthy snack giver. A lot of people have gotten on board with this and companies have been Halloween-branding small packages of snacks in order to get in on the Halloween moola that is being spent. Some of these include Halloween Goldfish or Annie's Fruit Snacks. Both are great because they last for weeks of lunches and snacks after the 31st. I found a couple more that I would recommend that would still get the kiddos jazzed.

seed lollipopsa. Seed and Herb Bearing Lollipops from Amborella Organics

b. Honey Sticks

c. Pumpkin Clementines

d. Honest Kids Juices 

e. Pirate Booty Popcorn

Useful Trinkets instead of throwaway toys for Halloween

glow in the dark Halloween Tattoosa. Temporary Tattoos that glow in the dark. I'm a new big fan. Found these on Amazon.

b. Cool Pencils and Halloween Erasers

c. Glow Sticks (You can get these a Michaels, the Halloween Store, or online)

d. Crayons shaped like Pumpkins or make some, but this takes time.


Getting Crafty with Clever Alternative Halloween Treats that Don't Suck 

Perler Bead for Halloween Treats

a. I am in love with this perler bead idea from A Pretty Cool Life and since I found it, made my son and I made these for his classroom. And, I'm going to do it for Valentine's day Classroom goodies too! What a great idea.

b. Mandarins or Clementines with a pumpkin face drawn on them.

pumpkin legos for halloween treats

c. Lego Pumpkins: buy a bunch of orange legos, stuff them into clear bags and tie with a green ribbon. done.

d. Halloween Bingo/Scavenger Hunt. They can do it anytime throughout the night. put items on it, like pumpkins carved with a happy face, a ghost costume, vampire, scary ghost lights, a haunted house, etc. Don't forget to include a pencil!

playdough monstere. Playdough monster kit. Buy those tiny playdough packs, but them in a bag with google eyes, pipe cleaners and beads. Label it Monster Making Kit and done!

Candy Halloween

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