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Refreshing the New Year: 3 Ways to Shape Up Your Home with Art

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It's a new year and the most perfect time for refreshing our outlook on ourselves and our lives. If your anything like me, it's about this time (3 weeks into the new year) when I come out of the holiday slump and dream up ways to make simple changes in my life that will give me new motivations for the every day. 

• Every year I challenge myself to a month sans alcohol. This is without a doubt the one thing I know I can do that will set me up for 1. getting out of any holiday funk 2. a successful and healthy year.

• Plan our family vacations. This always gives me something to look forward to.

• Refresh something in my home by purging and giving something a new look.

I'm going to focus on that last one: Refreshing Your Home. As a way to help motivate you and help you channel your inner interior designer, I'm giving you three ways to use one of our most popular pieces of art, our exclusive Julia Canright block print in our Be Home gift box. Of course, the ideas I'm giving you don't exclusively relate to this piece of art, but can be used to help inspire you to think beyond the traditional and to set you up for creating some changes in your home and life that will give you a fresh start to the year.

Bestowe Wall Hanging by Julia CanrightThis block print was made to be used as a table runner to give personality to your dining area, but there are many more ways to use it than just the ordinary. This would make a perfect gift to anyone, including yourself, to freshen up your winter months and help you transition from cleaning to decorating to comfort all in one. Reuse of one thing as many things function, gives them new life.

1. Art as Table Runner

Julia Canright Table Runner Block Print

As I mentioned, this piece was designed for our Be Home Gift Set. The table runner itself measures 5 feet and works well for a small table (to hang on the sides) or a longer table, as an accent in the middle.

2. Art as wall art

Wall Hanging Block Art Print

I typically don't keep a table runner on my table every day, as some like to do. Let's be honest here, when you have a child of any kind, or a messy adult of any kind, that table runner is going to get dirty. : ) So, in the months that I don't use it on my table I cycle it around my house instead of stuffing it in a drawer. I love this idea of re-imagining the functionality of something so I have many more chances to admire it and create personality in my house. Right now, you can find this table runner/art on my wall. I found a piece of driftwood and twine and made my own frame, or you can get something like this wall hanging frame from Food52, which works well for many different types of printed pieces.

3. Art as Bedspread

Art Block Print Fabric as a Coverlet for your BedIn the summer months, when I don't need a lot of extra blankets or quilts on my bed, I transition this piece to my bed as a layer on the bottom. It's so beautiful and gives me a smile each and every time I walk into my bedroom. Not to mentions gives me a reason to make my bed everyday (another new years resolution I have to work on)

Bed Spread extra blanket or coverlet

4. Art as a Scarf

This print also makes a wonderful scarf. I love this option, because it gives me a chance to show off my art in public and outside of the house.

5. Art as Chair Cozy

Dress up a chair or the back of the couch with this runner to give a spark to your living room.

There are so many ways to use this lovely piece of art. So, when you give this gift now you have a whole tool kit of ideas for the person you give it to. Don't worry about the label, turn it into something that makes it functional for your life in one or many ways. If you want to read more about this gift and artisan, go here and here.

art bed spread gift housewarming table runner wall art wall hanging

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