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Personalized Gifts for New Moms

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Personalized Gifts for New Moms

Is there a new mom in your life? What better time to shower them with love and care? 

In this article, we’ll share tons of thoughtful and unique gift ideas for new moms of all walks of life. We’ll help you come up with the perfect ‘bundle of joy’ to help them celebrate and welcome their very own little bundle of joy! 

Getting Started with Personalized Gifts for New Moms

Entering motherhood is certainly exciting, but it can also be intimidating and isolating for many new moms. Recent surveys show that many mothers are feeling less supported by society and more likely to experience burnout than ever before. In fact, the vast majority of moms (86%) reported feeling burnt out at least occasionally. With this in mind, giving a gift to a new mom is an important opportunity to make them feel supported and show just how much you care. 

And if you want to show your love, personalized gifts will go the extra mile. By personalized, we don’t mean just slapping their name on a mug that says “best mom.” We mean taking time to think about who they are as a person and what brings them joy, and curating the perfect gift that makes them feel both seen and celebrated. 

Types of Gifts For New Moms

When showering new parents with love and gifts, you can either go with a self-care themed gift and encourage them to treat themselves or a baby-themed gift to help welcome their new little one. Considering how prevalent burnout is, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, gifts that encourage self-care are especially important during a time where so much attention is typically placed on the new baby. 

Other popular types of gifts for new parents include: things to help them remember this special time in their lives (like a baby milestone scrapbook), things that will make parenting easier or more convenient (like a self-emptying vacuum), or an experience that they can enjoy (like a painting class.) 

5 Best Gifts For New Moms

Looking for more specific gift ideas for a new mom? Here are five of our all-time favorite gifts for new moms and parents: 

1. Wellness Everyday Gift Set

 As previously mentioned, self care is paramount for new moms. This wellness-themed gift set will help encourage a new mama to slow down and take some time to focus on themselves. The set comes with a scented candle, all-natural soap, luxurious hand cream, and natural agave washcloth – things that a new mom wouldn’t typically buy for themselves but will make them feel loved and pampered!  

gifts for new moms

2. Home Cooked Meal Train

 There’s nothing like a night off from cooking for a new parent, especially when it’s a home-cooked meal made with love! Rather than buy a gift for a new mom, why not get some friends together and organize a meal train to deliver nourishing, delicious meals to their doorstep once a week? You can even use an online service like this one to schedule and invite friends online. 

3. Welcome Baby Gift Set

Another classic way to celebrate a new mom is to shower the baby with cute and useful gifts. This welcome baby gift set has it all, and is suitable for a baby of any gender. It includes an adorable onesie, handmade baby bonnets, an organic balm to help with diaper rash, an ingenious pacifier, and a baby journal. What new parent wouldn’t be excited about these goodies! 

best gifts for new moms

4. Queepsake Baby Book

A baby book is certainly a thoughtful gift for new parents, but it can also be difficult to make time for scrapbooking when they’re so busy caring for a new child. Queepsake makes it easy for new moms to document their baby’s milestones by sending prompts and questions that can be answered easily via text or through the app. It also makes it easy to upload photos and preserve precious memories digitally for years to come. 

5. Morning Rituals Gift Set

 Anyone who’s been a new parent knows that it can be exhausting. During this time, morning rituals become more important, sacred, and difficult to maintain than ever. This gift set will help any new mama start their morning off on the right foot - and you can choose between a coffee or a tea theme to make the gift set more personalized to their preferences! 

unique gifts for mom

If you like the idea of a personalized gift set for a new mom, there are many more options available on our website, so go take a peek! 

Unique Gifts For Mom

If you want to give the new mom in your life something a bit more unusual or unique, draw inspiration from what makes them special and go from there. 

Are they a bookworm? Audiobooks are a great solution for busy new moms who don’t have time to sit down and read! You could get them a monthly subscription to –  where they can download a new audiobook every month and still support their favorite local bookstore. 

Do they love to workout? With less time to focus on themselves, maybe something like these Bala Bangles would make the perfect gift. They can wear them around their wrists or ankles while they take care of household chores and kill two birds with one stone! 

You get the idea here, right? Focus on the new mom’s passions and interests when brainstorming gifts and you’re sure to think of a personal gift that’s as one-of-a-kind as they are. 

Personalized Gifts for New Moms from Bestowe! 

If you’re still struggling to think of the perfect gift for that new mom, take some time to browse through the curated gift sets on our website. We have gift boxes at different price ranges to suit almost any budget and will wrap and deliver the gift for you, so there’s zero hassle on your end!

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