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7 Ideas for Corporations for Employee Appreciation this Holiday Season

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Labor Day is over and we are officially into the holiday season. What will it look like with Covid still lurking out there? With businesses, restaurants, banquet halls, and gatherings closed? Will we feel like celebrating? Or just getting this year over with? Is there a way to capture the feeling and the spirit of the holidays without the status quo? I think by the time the holidays roll around, we will all desperately need a break and for those of us adapting and working hard during this time, some sort of happy respite. 

If you are in the corporate world you know the party of the year is the company holiday party. No expense is spared. Fancy ballrooms decked out, photo booths, open bars, lavish spreads of food, and awesome goodie bags. These corporations celebrate their employees' hard work for the entire year with a big blowout party. This year not only will the employees be left out, but the caterers, cleaning crews, event staff, photographers, djs, and so many more will be missing out during the holidays.

What can be done to combat the appreciation and the celebration and the loss of work for many? What shifts in corporate celebrating will we see?

 Corporate Holiday Parties

Trends on Employee Appreciation

We’ve seen employee appreciation pick up over the past few months in the way of gifting. We’ve seen companies spending money on gifting employees as appreciation for all their hard work in the midst of juggling all the other things that life is throwing at them right now. The holidays will be no different. We predict more companies will be sending out holiday packages as a reward for a great year and for their employees sticking with them in the strangest and toughest time ever. Companies know what their employees have gone through this year. They’ve been team players for sure and oftentimes, they are juggling a conference call on mute while they muffle the virtual schooling background noise too.

Instead of the parties this year, what can corporations do to make their employees feel the same sense of pride and gratitude that the holiday parties bring on?

Since Bestowe works heavily with employee and client gifting, we’ve put together some ideas to send a little holiday cheer to your employees this year.

Packing Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifting Employee GiftsOur ideas for this years end-of-year and holiday gifting are: 

  1. Party-in-Place: Maybe that end of year party can happen after all. Planning a 

    virtual corporate event 

    may present its challenges, but it would definitely show your employees that you’ve gone above and beyond. Employees could receive an invitation to the “Mask”erade Party of the Year - Quarantine Style. The contents of the party box could include decor items from a local boutique to set the scene, a playlist purchased from a local DJ, and charcuterie and champagne from a local caterer. Employees could be encouraged to dress up in stylish masquerade masks and cast youtube on their tv while a team from corporate announces the top performers from the year - like the virtual Oscars! Live Tweeting and selfies encouraged! Employees should be allowed to invite friends or family over to enjoy this night with them - or sit back and enjoy the goodies for themselves!
  2. Leaving the Money on the Table: One way to send a little extra gratitude this holiday season to employees is with a donation to a charity of their choice. By empowering the employees to give back in ways they might not otherwise be able to this year, I think it will lift everyone’s spirits and do something good in this world. Give them the choice, or give back to something everyone can believe in like Feeding America. Did you know we can also include a donation with your gift for your clients? It's a great way to show you care and give your people a little something personal. Contact us for more information.
  3. Eat Your Feelings: Maybe I’m the only one putting on a little quarantine weight, but there are a lot of emotions going on in my work from home/homeschool environment. A well-curated gift of local, artisan foods would show your employees how much you appreciate them this year. Not only that, but supporting your local community’s hurting food industry is an added bonus! Try out our Deluxe Foodie Box for a holiday treat!
  4. Community over Corona - We launched our Community Boxes at the beginning of COVID, but the community still needs support. Sending a community-inspired gift box as appreciation this year will show your employees what is important to you - including them! Amazon and Walmart do not need support right now, let’s keep it local!
  5. Self care for the New Year - Ok, so unfortunately we cannot go to the spa right now, but we can send the spa to your employees. There are so many great self care tips out there to draw inspiration from - or check out this Wellness Box that we think is perfect!
  6. 2020 Rain Check: Anyone else want a do-over for 2020? Sending employees a redeemable gift for the future (2021 we hope!) could be to a theater event, dinner at an upscale restaurant, a sports game, or one of the many things we haven’t been able to to can give them something to look forward to!
  7. Home Office Upgrade: We’ve all gotten comfortable with our new digs by now, but a little upgrade wouldn’t hurt! Sending your employees a treat for their home office is warm and sends a personal message of thanks. Try out our curated box here.

Corporate Gifting Employee Gifts 

A few other Holiday “swag bag” ideas!

At the end of your big corporate blow out you usually take home a goodie bag, this year’s goodie bag might include things like:

  • Coupons to local eateries, coffee shops, and more!
  • Vouchers for meal delivery services - grub hub and uber eats are still keeping us going!
  • Essential Oil Roller Balls to detox, destress, and press on.
  • Flower seeds for new beginnings!
  • Chocolates - did I mention the stress!
  • Hand written thank you notes go a LONG way with employees, this year don’t forget to include them! 

Share this with your HR departments! We are taking suggestions for viral hashtag to get corporations excited about making employees feel extra loved this holiday season? What ways do you want to be appreciated this year?

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