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Motherstaycation: Celebrating Mother's Day The Covid Way

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Celebrating In Place

This year Mother’s Day will look a bit different, we won’t be gathering or socializing in public places yet as we stay in our homes to continue to flatten the curve and stay safe.

Since traditional celebrations and certain gifts are off the table, it's a great time to reflect and to ask, what do moms really want for Mother’s Day? Time with our family? A well-made card? Is it alone time? Well if it's alone time, you are feeling my vibe! I've been trapped - I mean allowed this opportunity - to be in shelter-in-place with my family for over a month now, so yea, I could use a bit of me time. All kidding aside, I'm absolutely loving being around my family more, BUT we have to be honest with ourselves, being gifted a bit of time away seems delicious. With that said, can I have my cake and eat it too? Can I have a nice time with my family and on my own? We've got some great mom stories on the blog, like this inspiring mom-preneur interview from a couple of years ago if you need a little mommy pick me up!

Mother's Day Picnic Gifts with crackers and rosé wine

Photo by Katie Monroe Photography

No matter where you live, it looks like this year we're all having a Mothers-Day-Staycation! So, how can we make the most of it? What would your staycation look like? Having the cooking, cleaning, and other chores done for you for one, single day? A day off from this new routine with a little bit of pampering at home sounds blissful! You've read up on our self-care ideas right? Now is your time! 

The Very First Mothersdaycation

A Mothersdaycation could include a fancy brunch delivered from your favorite brunch spot. Is anyone else jonesing for brunch as bad as I am?? Brunch-to-go from a favorite brunch spot is a must for this staycation (for me it's Nido or Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland. Can you say bottomless Bloody Mary's? I’m also thinking that some alone time (even with everyone else in the house) in a quiet spot would be an absolute dream. Maybe it could be some alone time to watch that show you haven't been able to binge for weeks or that podcast you can never listen to (Outlandercast for me) or your favorite Mommy Blogs like Baby Boy Bakery or Mommy Shorts or Cooking Blogs like The Sprouted Kitchen. All snuggled up alone in a room of your house with a new movie, show, or book you’ve been dying to read sounds amazing. No interruptions. When you are ready to emerge from your alone time, maybe you could have a scavenger hunt around the house, each leading to a special surprise just for mom. Luxurious bath salts, chocolates, and maybe even some new jewelry come to mind! Carve out some time to Zoom with your mom friends for a social hour and give a virtual hug to your own mom! Top off your staycation with dinner and dessert from another local restaurant you’ve been craving! Planning a relaxing day will be a great way to recharge after our very-stressful-homeschooling-attempt. Of course, if you are the mom, share this blog with those that would celebrate you if you like any of these ideas. Never hurts to give others a little nudge, right? 

 Mothers Day Picnic in Park

Photo by Laurie Wilson Photography

Other ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day without getting too close

    • Family Picnic - We are launching a Picnicking Gift Box for the ultimate Mothersdaycation! Complete with a picnic blanket from Nipomo and yummy, handcrafted snacks, this gift will surely be welcomed along with the fresh air! Find a quiet spot with few people around and spread out with your family. Support a local restaurant in need with a catered meal!
    • Send your mom a meal and a gift! Restaurants are getting really creative. Bakeries too! Sending a special baked good or a special warm meal still shows you care without getting too close! Top it off with a perfectly curated gift box from us (click here) and your mom won’t even miss the family gathering! This year I'm sending my mom, new to a new town and new nursing home, her favorite fast food dinner via Grubhub. If I was in town, I would go pick it up directly from the restaurant (because then they don't have to pay a commission for delivery from a delivery service) and my son and I could wave to her from the window when she would get it!
    • Though we all want alone time, I think we are also craving socializing outside of the four walls that are closing in on us. Grab a group of the moms in your life and host a virtual event! So many companies have stepped up to provide an experience at home. Whether it is virtual game night, sip and stroke art class, book club, or visiting a virtual museum together, it will surely lift our spirits and strengthen our sisterhood! 
    • Maybe you know a new mom or mom-to-be who might need a extra special something while cooped up! We've got a great gift guide for new moms!
    • Hire a photographer to take family photos of you from a short distance away (more than 6-feet!). Many photographers are adjusting their photography in order to offer these services during this time of social distancing and in some cases with special deals. 

  • On the West Coast, here are two that come to mind:

Mothers day gift box

Spreading the Joy on Mother's Day

I created Bestowe with the intention of spreading joy. There is so much joy in giving and receiving a gift of something genuinely thoughtful and unique. Mother’s deserve the most ultimate thoughtfulness. Let’s think of more ways to lift up our moms, mom friends, and mom-like figures in our life during these incredibly trying times. You can browse all of our curated gift boxes here!

If you're looking for other ways to celebrate mom, or want to learn more about all the different types of moms there can be in our lives check out our blog from last week: A Historic Mother's Day: How to Celebrate.

What ideas have you thought about for this very unique Mother's Day? What else can we do to say thank you to our moms this year?



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