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Mother’s Day Ideas to Celebrate Mom in Style

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mothers day ideas

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, they should be heartfelt and thoughtful above all else. Oftentimes, the best gifts for this holiday aren’t gifts at all, but rather shared experiences or expressions of your love and appreciation. 

To help get your ideas flowing, we put together this blog post full of creative and heartfelt ways to celebrate Mom and make her feel the love. 

Mothers Day Ideas to Make Memories! 

Gifts are great, but on Mother’s Day, it’s truly the thought that counts. Rather than just present Mom with a gift and call it a day, plan an experience or outing to go with your gift. That way, you can create special memories together– memories Mom will cherish for years to come! 

All Moms deserve some self-care and relaxation on Mother’s Day. Surprise Mom with a trip to the spa or turn your home into a luxurious spa for the day. Put on some relaxing music and make a menu of spa treatments. Prepare some homemade face masks or surprise Mom with a basket full of wellness-themed goodies, like this Pamper Yourself gift set. An experience like this will surely make Mom feel special and appreciated! 

mother’s day gift ideas

Another idea is to surprise Mom with a little getaway. Plan a camping trip and pair it with this around the campfire gift set, or rent a unique Airbnb and pair it with this travel kit gift

mothers day ideas

Get Crafty: Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

If you have young kids, a crafted card or DIY gift is a fun way for them to celebrate Mom and show their love. One classic idea is to make a book full of handmade coupons that Mom can redeem– the coupons could be good for a home-cooked meal, coffee in bed, an hour of yard work, etc.. get creative and think about different ways you could make Mom’s day to day life a little brighter and/or easier. 

Another sweet idea is to decorate a jar and fill it up with little notes of appreciation and reasons why you love Mom. Then she can pull a note out of the jar every day or when she’s feeling a little blue - it’s a heartwarming gift that keeps on giving! 

Show Your Love with Food: Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas & Meal Ideas 

Food is another great way to celebrate and show your love on Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed is the perfect way to kick off a day of fun! Cook up Mom’s favorite meal and deliver it on a breakfast tray along with some fresh flowers and a handwritten card. If you have to celebrate Mother’s Day from afar, you can still pamper Mom with a breakfast in bed gift basket like this one, full of morning goodies like artisanal pancake mix, pure maple syrup, and deep roast coffee. 

mother’s day brunch ideas

For lunch or dinner, pack up a picnic basket full of Mom’s favorite goodies and head to a beautiful park. Or turn your backyard into an oasis with some cozy blankets, plush pillows, and fairy lights! This picnic gift set that comes with an ethically-woven picnic blanket and delicious snacks would be the perfect gift to pair with a Mother’s Day outing like this. 

mother’s day dinner ideas

For Mother’s Day dinner, turn your home into a DIY five-star restaurant - complete with a white tablecloth, fine wine, and maybe even some homemade menus. This is a fun way to get the kids excited about making dinner for Mom. Pick a name for your “restaurant” and have the kids welcome Mom, take her order, deliver the courses, and (most importantly) do the dishes! 

Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas

Mother’s Day falls in early May, right when everything starts to bloom and blossom. Perhaps that’s why flowers are such a classic way to celebrate Moms. Go the extra mile and surprise Mom with little bouquets of bright flowers in every room of the house. This will surely brighten up her day! 

Another easy and festive way to decorate for mother’s day is to draw inspiration from your Mom’s favorite color. Say her favorite color is yellow; arrange bouquets full of bright yellow daisies, tulips, and daffodils, get the family dressed up in yellow clothes, wrap up her presents in yellow paper, and maybe even cook up some lemon bars or other yellow treats. 

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Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

When choosing a gift for this special day, try to make it as personal as possible. This should be easy because no one knows your Mom as you do! Think about the things that make her the happiest and go from there. Does she love spending time in the garden? Maybe you could offer to help out in the garden for the day and give her a pair of eco-friendly gardening gloves paired with her favorite organic veggie seeds and flower bulbs. 

Whatever you decide to give Mom this Mother’s Day, be sure to top it off with some quality time together and/or a handwritten note or card. 

A Heartfelt Mother’s Day with Bestowe’s Help

The ideas in this blog post are really just the tip of the iceberg! We have tons of thoughtfully curated gifts sets to help you celebrate your Mom this Mother’s Day and make her feel extra special this year. These gifts are all sustainably packaged and ready to ship, so all you have to do is choose something your Mom will love and we’ll handle all the details and logistics for you. That way, you devote all your time and attention to Mom!

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