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Mon-preneur Moments: Dana Haim, at one with Motherhood

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Mother's Day might be over, but our inspiring moms just keep coming. I met Dana Haim at the In Good Company conference in San Francisco; a conference for women and mom entrepreneurs hosted by MotherMag. We clicked right away. I just love her hard working nature and her zest for travel and cultural community through art. She has created the most amazing (textiles, rugs, blankets, napkins) of which I'm happy to say, Bestowe is now selling in our marketplace for custom curated wedding products.

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Mon-Preneur Moments: Dana Haim At One With Motherhood


Dana, you've had a lot of changes over the last couple years: moving, babies, travel; How does your profession as a textile designer make you a stronger mom?
I am a textile designer and artist with a small business based out of San Francisco. Motherhood has definitely made me stronger in many aspects of my life, including my career. Giving birth in and of itself teaches you a lot about yourself and what you are capable of. That knowledge is powerful to now remember whenever I am in a challenging scenario. I've learned how to multitask in a whole new way and I've also managed to learn the dance of being much more economic with 2 hours of given time. Motherhood teaches you efficiency, empathy, makes you humble, and gives you a whole new sense of purpose, which will be beneficial in my career, I hope.


Mon-Preneur Moments: Dana Haim At One With Motherhood


What does your mother do or did she do that you would want to express thanks for the most?
My mother has been working full time for as long as I remember. I also remember how present she was for us at home and in school and now that I understand, how hard that is, I am constantly in awe of her and just super impressed by her ability to juggle her busy career and motherhood so gracefully. She nourished our creativity and is a strong, well balanced, creative, ambitious role model for us to look up to. I am pretty grateful for that.


What was the best gift (tangible and intangible) that you have received from your children on Mother's Day?
I have been lucky enough to celebrate one mothers day so far, and my son Orion was just a newborn. His father planned a sweet day in Marin including the first hike with the baby in Point Reyes, lunch, and a long massage at cute spa. That was pretty nice!


Mon-Preneur Moments: Dana Haim At One With Motherhood


What is the best part of being a mother?
Getting to know this boy has been the biggest blessing of my life. Watching his personality unfold and bloom before us is quite possibly the most magical thing I have been lucky enough to witness. He is just so much fun. I love seeing discover the world around him. The list could go on, motherhood has added new dimension to my life.
What is the hardest part of being a mother?
The unknown. The fear about all the things that could go wrong, that you are doing wrong, that you can't control. 
Pretty great wisdom and learnings Dana! Thanks for being a part of our first mom-prenuer moments.

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