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Mindful Practices for a Balanced Work and Life with The Progress Project

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Recently, I had the privilege of talking with Kristin and Laura of The Progress Project podcast. On their podcast, they explore the ways in which we give ourselves acceptance, build each other up, and find time to fuel our creativity. Wow, those are all great things to explore, right? I'm so glad I had the chance to talk about these subjects with them. It was like we had known each other for a long time in that our conversation was super easy and way in sync. They are so open-minded, great listeners, and can definitely teach all of us what it is to embrace ourselves and the life around us.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Mindful Practices For A Balanced Work And Life With The Progress Project

We spoke a lot about motherhood (pictured above is me and my son: photo by Feather Weight Photography). Specifically, we talked about how busy moms and women strive to have a work life balance, and how we can create a community through our creative endeavors in a time when women are taking on more and more (like become the breadwinners, or dealing with being a single mom). One of the questions we tried to tackle included this gem of a question; what are some small things one can add to your day to day? Whatever it is, what is that thing that will give you more time to focus on the important moments or people in your life?

Connecting with women is part of what makes me a stronger business woman and a stronger mother.

During our conversation, I spoke about the beginning stages of Bestowe and how the idea for this artisan community came to me. If you’re looking to find out more about how I got started, you can download the podcast on any Podcast site, including Apple iTunes. Stay tuned to the end for a special surprise for all Progress Project listeners. Or, listen to the full podcast here

Mindful Practices For A Balanced Work And Life With The Progress Project

Listening to The Progress Project is like taking a mini vacation. Kristin and Laura’s calm vibes frame their conversations in a bright light. So, make sure to take the time to explore other episodes of their podcast as well.


About Kristin and Laura

Kristin and Laura have been best friends since college and the best part is that their husbands are also best friends! NOBODY tells you that once you're married it is super hard to find "couple" best friends. We're talking about the friends where all four of you get along super well. Well enough that you want to go on road trips together and start crazy projects like a podcast.

Kristin is a podcaster and photographer. After nearly five years of infertility, she was beyond grateful to jumpstart their family with boy/girl twins who are now toddlers. She talks with anyone who will listen about personal growth and believes that it’s possible to find contentment and joy no matter your circumstances.

Laura lives in New York with her husband and their Love Fern...which is just a nice big green plant that’s easy to take care of. She currently runs her small business as a children’s photographer and piano teacher. She loves to literally climb mountains and work on The Progress Project.


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