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Last Minute Christmas Gifts to Save the Day

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts


There truly are people in this world who buy Christmas gifts all year round and finish before Thanksgiving so they have time to beautifully wrap all their gifts. If by chance that is not you, then you’ve come to the right place. We can’t buy your holiday gifts for you or give you all the answers because a large part of gift-giving is relational and personal. But we can offer some insight and help you complete your shopping with some ideas and inspiration!  

3 Rules to Remember When Shopping for Last Minute Christmas Gifts

According to one study, “1-in-3 last-minute shoppers say they choose where to buy their gifts based on how soon they can get them.” This is often true because of the obvious… you probably waited too long to patiently allow a gift to arrive weeks after you purchased it. This reduces your options significantly and may require you to explore more brick and mortar options as opposed to online shopping. The upside is that you can go home with the gifts you need and not keep obsessing over when the mail will arrive. 

1. Keep your expectations in check. 

As we mentioned above, timing is everything and if you wait too long to shop, your options become more and more limited. If you had in mind a gift on the more personalized, hand-made from etsy side, it’s time to adjust your expectations and save that gift for a different celebration. 

2. Don’t let stress win out over creativity. 

The stress of finding the perfect gift can sometimes block some of our other functionality such as creativity. Try to pay attention to how you are thinking about it all and notice if stress is the predominant factor influencing your thought process and decision making. If you notice your stress is higher than you’d prefer, try a breathing exercise or meditation practice to re-center and allow yourself to press into your creativity. 

Is there something you can easily make as a gift?  Even if you answered no to this question, we have tons of DIY ideas for you below! 

Do you already have a gift at your house that you may have forgotten about? 

Are there any local shops you keep wanting to stop by but haven’t yet?

3. Be willing to think outside the box. 

Not everyone cherishes gifts they can hold in their hands. There are plenty of people that have all the stuff they need but would absolutely love to enjoy an experience with you. Consider buying concert tickets, a night out at the local theater, a pass to an outdoor adventure, or a coupon for them to choose their own adventure with you! The point here is that you don’t have to do what you have always done. Step out of your comfort zone and think outside the box this Christmas!

Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Mom

Let’s be honest, how many times have you heard your mom say things like:

 “All I want is for you to be here, I don’t need a gift!”

“A day where you and your siblings all get along is the only gift I need.”

“Whatever you get me, I will love!”

As sweet as that sounds, you might still want to get her something! Since mom’s often take the least amount of time thinking about themselves, a great gift idea is to find something she would never do or buy for herself and get it for her. This is where your own knowledge of your mom will come in but keep reading for some ideas to get you thinking. Consider some kind of pampering such as a manicure, a massage, or even a whole day at the spa. Maybe there is a new kitchen or household item you realize she needs but just hasn’t bought for herself yet. If the mom in your life enjoys a quiet start to their day (or at least hopes to) this ready-to-ship Morning Rituals Tea gift basket is an amazing option. 

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Mom

Alternatively you could go the homemade-gift route with these DIY Gift Ideas:

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Dad

Now dad’s can be a bit more tricky to know how to shop for, which might be how you ended up in this last minute predicament. The interest of a dad might range anywhere from sports to fashion, or hunting to coin collecting. Whatever it may be, this Freshen Up Toiletry Set might be the perfect mixture of quirky and cool for your dad this year. One incredible and unique way to cherish memories forever is by getting photos printed on wood, and if you hurry and order they will still make it before Christmas! 

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Dad

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Wife

You certainly do not want to end up without a meaningful gift for your wife this Christmas, so now is the time to make it happen. We aren’t going to know the category your wife falls into with regard to loving clothes, adventure, the spa, or a gift card to her favorite nail salon. Start with what you know about her and work through a couple of options. If you’re truly stumped, according to over 2,000 respondents, the top response for amazing gifts was jewelry! Forget jingle all the way, sparkle all the way!

If you're not sold on jewelry as a gift, it's hard to imagine someone not loving the popular relax and restore box.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Wife

Alternatively, here are a few DIY last minute gift ideas for your wife too:

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Husband

It’s often the people closest to us we find the most difficult to purchase gifts for. We overthink it or don’t think about it enough - why can’t we just land in the middle more often?! Depending on which direction you want to take his Christmas gift, you could buy a video game he’s been talking about, plan a romantic night in, or surprise him with an adventure away for the weekend. Whatever gift you may find for your hubby, we are certain he is going to appreciate it.

If he enjoys an evening drink check out the cocktail pair box!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Husband

Last but Not Least, Some Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Friends 

There’s almost always a small circle of best friends you want to buy gifts for and then there might be a work holiday party or a christmas party with all your old college buddies and you don’t want to go empty-handed. For these kinds of gifts, it's always an option to make a holiday version of a sweet treat you are famous for or surprise your friends and yourself by trying out a new recipe like seasoned oyster crackers. You can purchase small holiday tins or containers and have perfect little gifts for all your friends. And for any of your friends spread out from coast to coast, consider sending them this Just Perfect gift basket or this Nightcap option. Both are ready-to-ship and will convey your love and appreciation this holiday season while also saving you time and money along the way!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for FriendsAnd once again, here are some DIY last minute christmas gifts for friends:

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: A Recap

We hope this article has helped you narrow down some last minute gift ideas for your loved ones. We are passionate about gift giving and if you don't have enough time for shipping this time around, check out our curated gifts ready to ship for the next time you're looking for a special gift!

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