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Is Romance Dead? Steps to Rekindling Your Valentine Romance

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Engagement is up, but Is Romance Dead?

When you look around at a restaurant, the movie theater, even in traffic - everyone is on their phone. Engaged in the world of instant gratification. It’s kind of sad, but I admit I’m guilty of it too. I’ve actually wondered if the divorce rate is going down because couples no longer engage with each other enough to have anything to fight about. Just kidding. Even though I titled this article with a very Carrie Bradshaw-like pun, I’m thinking about romance and Valentine’s Day and truly wondering if the traditional sense of romance is flying out the window.

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One of my new fav relationships writers,  John Gottman, says, "Successful long-term relationships are created through small words, small gestures, and small acts." As I reflect on that, and on what makes me most important in my own relationships, it could not be more spot on. In fact, it may be the foundation of my entire business. Bestowe's gifts are for everyone in your life, but we get extra special for Valentine's Day Gifts, like gifts to comfort, pamper, and spoil!

Over the years it has been easy to let Valentine’s Day come and go without any notable celebration. Part of us resisted the idea that Hallmark made a whole day that made single people feel isolated and that made us buy more. It seemed downright cheesy to celebrate. And, with the added stress of my husband’s and my daily grind it seems easier to just save the celebrating for birthdays and other more important milestones. But, since I’ve been refining my self care craft and focusing on slowing down, I think this little “hallmark holiday” deserves more this year.  Taking care of our relationships is so, so important too. Taking time to focus on one another - all the ways you’ve grown together, made each other better, and been there in times of need. Time to reflect and remember why you chose to do life with this person day in and day out. That really is a beautiful thing. A beautiful thing that we can easily overlook, dare I say - take for granted. Oh - and if you haven’t seen Modern Love on Amazon Prime, go binge watch season one right now.

But as I got older I realized that this holiday isn’t just for lovers, but for friends and people we care about too. Full circle, I gotta say, I really started to appreciate what was at the core of this holiday: to share and to celebrate everyone you care about.  We so often don’t say anything or express how much we care. 

Gifts that last longer than a bouquet of flowers are a little more meaningful don't you think? Our gifting brand was founded on that idea. That gifts should be lasting and should create a memory and a feeling that stays with people we truly care about.

So, in an effort to rekindle the flame, I’ve thought up some ways to keep the romance alive this year. I’m hoping this can be a stress free inspiration guide to make Valentine’s Day a little more meaningful this year. And I've thrown in a few perfectly curated gifts to help out as well ;)!


Three Steps to Revive The Romance on Valentine’s Day this Year

Step One: Step one is to just to forth the effort. It doesn’t have to be the most elaborate romantic gesture, but just putting a little more thought into than you did last year. If you are like me, a quick reservation at our favorite dinner spot is usually our go-to date night out. But I'm urging you to spend 15 minutes (or ideally a little more) to think outside the box. Jot down some of your favorite past dates and remember what made them special. Don’t worry I’ve got some ideas already planned for you, but the basis for the day is keeping romance alive, so remembering one of your most romantic days and repeating something about it is a great place to start! 

Step Two: Plan on a theme! Who doesn’t love a good theme?! If you didn’t attend a Roaring Twenties New Year’s Eve party, then this is the perfect year to get dressed up like Peaky Blinders and go to a speakeasy - see how easy themes are! Another great way to pick a theme is just to think of your boo’s favorite thing. Planning your romantic Valentine’s celebration with a theme really just shows your loved one how much thought you put into it, even though it is super easy! Again, I promise I’ve got more ideas than the Roaring Twenties.

Step Three: Make it a surprise! This is even easier than step one and two. Just tell your significant other when and where to meet you and let the romance unfold. The gesture of the surprise elevates the “I Love You” even more. 

Ok so, put forth the effort, come up with a theme, and make it a surprise and ta-da, you’ve revived romance, put some attention into your relationship, and are celebrating a cheesy holiday just because you can! This Valentine's Day is going to be awesome!

So here are some of those great ideas I promised. I personally love all of these, but I hope there is something for everyone here - and I’m sorry if I missed your thing!


Sample Valentine’s Celebrations for 2020!

Does your loved one have a thing for style? Plan a private shopper experience for a new date night outfit. Head over to a botanical gardens tour and dine at the chef’s table at a chic restaurant. Snag this chic gift box for an easy on-them gift.

 womans gift of a block printed scarf and bath product

Looking to relax? Book a romantic Airbbnb with incredible views and hot tub or a treehouse! Order a comforting meal kit and grab some wine for a cozy night in your chalet. Head to town for brunch on your way back home. Grab this relax and restore gift box for an extra special treat in that luxurious bathroom in your en-suite!

Bathtub gifts 

Love for the arts? Attend a hip art gallery together for some quiet time. Then head to a Korean barbecue to make your own unique bowls. Who's food styling is better? Finish out your date with a main street stroll. Here is a gift box of handcrafted goodies that will certainly say I love you!

 ginger drink gift box with leather coasters and bourbon pecans

Is your Valentine just super practical - and it’s the thing you love the most about them? Keep it low key and try a flight at a local brewery and play some cornhole or find someplace that does axe throwing for something new. Then find your way over to a Napolean pizza joint for a Margherita pizza. Then Netflix and chill to a new Oscar nominee. Surprise him/her with a gift box that is classy, yet sensible to end the night.

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You obviously don’t need to follow these perfectly. The basic formula is activity + meal + something extra special + great gift. Here are some other ideas you can plug into your date: play or musical on stage, sip and strokes art class, hike and a picnic, dance class, improv or comedy show, escape room, glamping, planetarium. There are endless activities around, so I’m sure you’ll come up with something super romantic that you both will enjoy!


Revive Your Romance

And one last little thing to complete our Revive Your Romance Valentine’s Date. At some point in the day, you and Valentine answer these 3 questions to each other. You might already know the answers, but the answers might have changed over time too. Feel free to create your own questions. It would be fun to revisit the questions every year and compare.

  1. When we are not together what reminds you of us?
  2. What is the proudest memory you’ve had of our relationship?
  3. In what ways is our relationship better than last year?

 So, what are you thinking for your #romanticrevival Valentine's Day? Comment below, we'd love to know.


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