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How to Guide: What Dad wants for Father's Day

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How will you celebrate the dad in your life?

Let's face it, Father's Day is going to be a bit like Covid Mother's Day this year: we'll still be cautious and probably staying close to home. In fact, we coined Mother's Day, Mothersdaycation this year and I think we'll do the same for dad with Fathersdaycation. 

How are you going to celebrate your Dad or Dad's? This year is a year to celebrate everyone for all they are doing by going the extra mile to do what they can. But let's hear it for the dads: the heroes that have given their all to make us or our little ones feel safe, secure, loved, appreciated, educated, and proud. Dad might have taken on the role of home school teacher for distance learning or they may be working from home in a full-time job, or both!!! Some might be working the front lines as a medical professional or a delivery person for USPS or a major grocery store. Whatever they are doing, let's show them some gratitude. 

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The How to Guide: What Dad wants for Father's Day

Dad's are hard to shop for. That's what we all say when we have to get them a gift. My dad was the absolute hardest to shop for. And when you want to give someone something special, a pack of tube socks just isn't cutting the mustard. Am I right? It's not that they are picky but that they either always get what they want when they want it, or they claim to not want anything at all.

Whatever he's up to Dad is definitely in need of some R&R. In dad terms it means quiet time. Having a little downtime is a lifesaver and one that I think most men can and would appreciate. So here are three tips to help plan the perfect Fathers-Daycation this year + one extra perk on us!

1. Ask what he wants to do. (no brainer right? But my experience is that it's easier to ask sometimes and some people don't like surprises!)

2. Plan on some food (come on, another no brainer. What guy doesn't love to eat or drink?)

3. Give him some time alone for whatever he wants. (uh, hello. even if he says he doesn't want it, everyone NEEDS it. The best gift you can give now, during all this stay and home crazi-ness is a couple of hours of quiet).

I know, that sounded really simple, but you'll get something from all of these questions. If he doesn't care what he does, he will appreciate your thought about the food. If he isn't a big eater, he'll be happy that he can spend some time alone on his crossword or walk, bike ride or hobby. All three of these are easy to do and relatively simple. Too simple? Well, isn't that the idea behind guys, we always think that they are more complex when it comes to what they want, but in the end, it comes down to food, time alone and doing what they want (or rather, not having to do what other people want).

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Free DIY Father's Day Card

I don't know about you, but every single year it's like pulling teeth to get my son to draw or make my husband a card for Father's Day. So I finally decided it would be easier to give him some direction. This year, we'll give him this card.

Download our free Father's Day cards for that easy DIY idea. All you have to do is print it out and have your child draw a pic of him for the special day. Or, you'll get one free in any gift for dad that you buy from us.

Share the card with your friends too. If you post your image to Instagram and tag us @bestowegifting then we'll send you a special gift in the mail. We'd love to see your kids drawings too!

Father's Day DIY Card



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