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The Best of Hostess Gifts and Thank You Gifts for the Holidays

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The holidays are here! That means it's scramble time for planning holiday parties. Maybe you've already gotten some invites. Hostessing a holiday party takes a lot of work and those who host us in their house deserve a little thank you gesture for their effort. What better way to say, "thank you for inviting me over" than with a lovely gift. Read our holiday post from last year, The Etiquette of the Holiday Hostess Gift and Thank You Gifts if you want to get some great ideas. Don't worry, it's not too late for tomorrow's parties to thoughtful curate something lovely.

Today, we'll be shamelessly sharing some of our own gift ideas from our collection. You can use them for individual gifts or contact us if you have a number of people (like clients) that you'd like to purchase them for. (You can get a discount when you order 10 or more!) You can also ask us for our custom design work if you need some help with designing gifts that contain some of these items. Get in touch with us here if you'd like to talk more about customizing or a discount of 10 or more. We're here to help.

Top thank you and hostess gifts to give this holiday season 

We just had so much fun coming up these ideas that we think anyone and everyone would enjoy receiving this year. We've been wanting to do a gift box that included tea or coffee with accompanying mug for quite some time. To give you a little idea of what effort we put into choosing these beautiful gift collections: we scour artisan markets, etsy, the wonderful world of web and brick and mortar stores. We are excited to introduce a new ceramics studio (to add to our partnerships), called A Question of Eagles. These vessels make up the central feature in our Morning Rituals Brew and Morning Rituals Tea Gifts. Each one is a little bit unique with the way the glaze lays down and creates a lovely dripping effect.

Ceramic Coffee Mug

Morning Rituals Brew

Do they enjoy a good cup of coffee instead of tea? Morning Rituals Brew will be just the gift for them.

They'll enjoy a deep and balanced cup of joe in a gorgeous ceramic mug with some delicious seasonal fruit crisps on the side. This lovely gift also includes a hand woven towel and some delicious dukkah (a traditional Egyptian spice usually made up of ground nuts and spices, this one's main ingredients is Hazelnut), great in yogurt, oatmeal, or a topping for fish or steak.

Holiday hostess gifts

Morning Rituals Tea

Whether for yourself, a friend or a thank you client present, Morning Rituals Tea will wrap them up in a cocoon of enjoyment and delight. This tea from Bay Area based tea company, Leaves and Flowers, is a lovely lavender and anise hyssop blend. It comes with a gorgeous ceramic mug from A Question of Eagles. We always love to give people something they can enjoy right away (the edibles), and something they can enjoy long after (the mug). Tea time will never be the same. 

The Etiquette Of The Holiday Hostess Gift

Bestowe Exclusive Candles

If you're looking for something within a smaller budget and something that will have lasting effect, we did an exclusive collaboration with a few artisans for these beautiful candles. No matter what your or your clients' taste, you have the choice between 3 candle vessels from two different artisans (MMClay and Stcao, filled with a scent from Basik Candle Co. After the vessels burn, your guest has an awesome dishwasher safe mug for coffee or tea.

So, whether you have a few hosts to shop for this holiday season, or a bunch (for clients or many holiday parties), then these gifts will ensure your giving them something that they can enjoy on their own after the party dies down. Check out all of our options and more right here. And if you want to contact us about coming up with custom designs for your clients or holiday parties, shoot us a note. We'd be happy to help! 

Best of Hostess Gifts candle client gifts coffee hostess tea thank you gifts

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