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Grilling Gifts for the BBQ Lovers in Your Life

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grilling gifts

Did you know that firing up the grill is good for your mental health? Grilling is a celebration of community, culture, and flavor. There’s something special about cooking outdoors, serving your friends and family, and enjoying some delicious comfort food. 

If you’re gift shopping for a grilling enthusiast, there are so many accessories and tools to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to begin. In this gift guide, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite ideas to help you come up with a grilling gift that’s both useful and personal! 

Grilling Gifts for BBQ Enthusiasts!

Grilling-themed gifts make perfect summer gifts – there’s just no better season to take your cooking outdoors! Grilling gifts are especially great for celebrating summertime holidays like Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day. 

When it comes to grilling gifts, there are several different categories to consider. First and foremost, there are many different types of grills to choose from, including gas grills, pellet smokers, and offset smokers (just to name a few of the big hitters). Then you have pans and cookware, grilling tools and accessories, protective gear, consumable accompaniments like condiments or spices, grill covers, and insulation blankets, and educational items like cookbooks and cooking classes. We’ll explore more specific grilling tools and accessories in the sections below. 

With a little research and creativity, you can surely come up with a gift for any type of griller– whether they’re a grilling novice or a well-seasoned expert! And this blog post will help get your ideas flowing… 

Our Favorite Gifts for Grilling

Rather than just one small grilling accessory, we like the idea of putting together a grilling gift basket or box with a variety of different condiments, tools, and accessories. Pick one or two consumable grilling items and pair them with a related grilling accessory. For example, you could buy a few of your favorite BBQ sauces and pair them with a nice basting pot and brush. Or you could make a special homemade marinate of your own and wrap it up with a meat injector. If you can, support your community and find a locally-made sauce or rub from a restaurant or co-op in your area. 

When we think of grilling we often think of meat, but veggie-lovers enjoy grilling too! A stainless steel grilling basket for vegetables paired with a bunch of fresh produce from your vegetable garden or local farmer’s market would make a great gift for a veggie-lover– especially during the summertime! 

grilling gifts

Grilling Accessories Gifts

With the right grilling accessories and tools you can cook almost anything on the grill, including meat, seafood, vegetables, appetizers, salads, and more! There are cast iron pans of all shapes and sizes and other types of cookware made specifically for the grill. There are items you wear for protection like aprons, anti-fog goggles, and heat-resistant, insulated grilling gloves. There are accessories to make grilling more comfortable, like fans and padded mats. And then there are countless grilling tools like oil sprayers, tongs, long-handle forks, thermometers, brushes, cast iron grill presses, etc. For the new grill owner, a complete set of tools like this 13-piece bamboo one from Cuisinart would cover all the basics and get them set up for grilling success.

Grilling Gifts for Men & Women Who Have it All 

For a true grilling enthusiast who has all the basic accessories already covered, think outside the box and find a unique accessory to help expand their grilling repertoire. This could be a pizza oven insert paired with some fun pizza toppings, a barrel smoker along with some wood chips, or a niche tool like an oyster grill pan, a rotisserie kit, or even a s’more basket

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Grilling Gifts for Dad (or Mom!) 

A grilling-themed gift is a classic Father’s Day gift idea. In our opinion, the best kind of Father’s Day grilling gifts are those paired with an experience that can be enjoyed together. For example, you could get Dad a grilling cookbook, sign the inside of the book with a nice note, flag a recipe for you to try together, and buy all the ingredients and accessories you’ll need to make it happen! You’ll create a special memory and the cookbook will serve as a reminder of a Father’s Day well spent. 

Personalized Grilling Gifts

Personalizing your grilling gift is one way of showing how much thought and effort went into the gift selection. You could personalize an apron, steak branding iron, or grill toolset with the griller’s name or a special note like “best dad ever!” for Father’s Day. Another way to make a gift more personal is to add a handmade element to the gift. This could be a homemade BBQ sauce, marinade, or rub that you label yourself or a handmade cookbook of your favorite grilling recipes with some special photos and memories included. 

More Grilling Gift Ideas

There are so many other grilling accessories and gifts to consider. Here are a few additional ideas to get you inspired:

  • A magnetic LED grill light to help them cook more easily and safely at night. 
  • A cordless grill fan to keep them cool and comfortable over a piping hot grill. 
  • Some cedar grilling planks to add unique flavor and smokiness to meats, fish, or veggies.  
  • A BBQ serving caddy to keep sauces and tools easily accessible. 
  • A chimney starter for a charcoal grill to eliminate the need for lighter fluid and make this type of grilling more eco-friendly. 
  • A lightweight, portable grilling table for camping or tailgates. 
  • A heavy-duty cooler to keep food and beverages close by and fresh. 
  • Premium grilling charcoal– lasts much longer than your average charcoal! 
  • A gift card to a local butcher shop, farm, or fish market so they can grill up some locally-sourced produce.  
  • An over-fire camp grill for those who prefer to cook over an open flame. 
  • A grilling class or online course so they can take their skills up a notch. 

Fire Up the Grill with Bestowe Gifting!

If you’re still worried about finding the perfect grilling gift, leave it up to us! We put together the ultimate grilling gift set with a few of our favorite items, including a seasoning blend and BBQ rub from Caboose Spice & Company, a couple of delicious mustards, and a durable linen/rayon blend kitchen towel. This gift is ready-to-ship and we’ll handle all the details and personalization for you. 

For even more inspiration, check out the many other food and cooking-themed gift sets on our website!

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