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Great Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

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It's wedding season — that magical time of year filled with sentimental embraces, beautiful celebrations, and contagious love. You might find yourself overwhelmed with wedding invitations, weekend events celebrating said occasions and may be running out of energy and ideas on how to support your friends into their next chapter of life. Sound about right? 

If you're like me, I like my gift to the couple to be unique and thoughtful. With that said, I basically throw the registry out of the window! If you aren't like that, it's hard to understand, but stick with me and we'll talk it through together.

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Buying a Wedding Gift Not on the Registry

We've all been through it: the mental gymnastics and rabbit hole of trying to be creative when finding the right gift. We scour the internet with searches like: unique and creative wedding gifts along with everyone else. It's daunting and takes a lot of time, and the journey usually leads us back to square one, the registry. And why not? It's easy! 

In a way, registries are great—the couple taken the the time and energy of letting you know precisely what they want for their new life together. Now-a-days we don't even need to leave the comfort of our home to make the purchase. Ah technology. But in another way, registries can feel impersonal and not for everyone.

Join me on a liberating journey: leave that registry up to grandma and grandpa, estranged cousins and listless ex's and buy something thoughtful and perfect that no one else has thought of. We have a ton of suggestions. We've got 3 gifts that are right up your alley from our collection and a couple more ideas that will give you a lot to think about.

Registries can confirm things you already know about the couple. If they love cooking, they might be inclined to put a fancy mixer on their registry, or perhaps the trendy and new air fryer. Things they wouldn’t buy themselves. Some relevant and necessary, and some (let's face it), not. But registries can also pose questions about the people you thought you knew. Do you really need 12 sets of corn on the cob holders? Suddenly it's like Supermarket Sweep (and if you didn't grow up in the 80's it's a super satisfying game show where you get to put whatever you want in the, you guessed it, Supermarket) and the couple are literally just throwing everything in the cart hoping to win some sort of lottery. They'll put anything and everything on that list.

So while wedding registries are a perfectly appropriate custom that make gift giving a seamless process, I thought we'd investigate the question most in your head—does buying something the couple didn’t necessarily ask for make it a less-worthy a gift?

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Expert Advice on How to Shop for Couples Off Registry

According to many experts, shopping for wedding gifts “off-registry” is completely acceptable. Just follow a few simple rules.

First: avoid buying furniture, large pieces of art, or other decor for the couple. These are large investments and let's face it, very subjective and difficult gifts to pick out for someone else. 

Second: Steer clear of different versions of items that are already on the registry. If they registered for dinnerware for instance, don't buy them a different set. As mentioned, they have already taken the time to pick this stuff out, so getting them something that serves the same purpose, but is not the same, is kind of showing them that you blatantly ignored their desires. 

Third: If you don't completely know their style, use their registry as a guide. The registry shows signs of color scheme, desires, needs, likes (like cooking or camping) and taste.

 monogrammed personalized glasses and luggage tags

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Personalize Your Gift

Here at Bestowe we are big on personalization too. Above you'll see a glass etched with the wedding couples wedding site and a monogrammed luggage tag). When we design custom gifts for events, it's our main focus to create a present that feels special to the person receiving it. We offer full-design services from our 20+ years in the graphic design and packaging world. There are many ways to personalize a gift. For instance, If you know the couple loves monograms, putting their new marital monogram on a gift would be a great idea. You can find someone to monogram almost anything these days: metal (like a champagne bucket), glass (etched pint glasses), or fabric (embroidered bath towels) to name a few.

Experience Gifts

Another one of our favorites at Bestowe is giving the gift of experience. You can even choose an experience you know they would enjoy, such as a spa gift card for a couple’s massage at their favorite spot to wind down post-wedding. One couple I know, who are very adventurous, received a glamping trip in Mendocino from one of the couples co-worker groups.

At the end of the day, the best gifts are the gifts that will evoke emotion in the couple. If a gift tells a story, becomes something that the couple can talk about for a long time to come or cherish beyond a few weeks and stand out among the pile of gifts they will receive, then you know you’ve done a great job. My favorite wedding gift was a small watercolor painting of the exterior of my husbands and my first house given to us on our Anniversary. 






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