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Top Gifts for New Parents and Baby Showers

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Having a newborn baby is super exciting. What they don't tell you is that it's also a pretty nerve-racking experience whether you are doing it for the first time or not. The preparations that new parents have to make before the baby arrives can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing given the overload of choices on the market. So, when your friend shares the exciting news that they have a baby on the way, give them all the hugs, laughs and even tears of joy you've got to spare, in order to give them energy and support for the months ahead. 

We'll be sharing how we can best support our new parents (or second time parent) friends whether with gifts or in a different way. Whether you already have had a baby and know just what to get or if you have no clue, we'll give you the download so you'll at least seem like you have some impressive baby cred when it comes to baby gifting.

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First: Handy Tips for Parents:

If you a parent reading this, then congrats! What an exciting time you have ahead of you. We have a couple pieces of advice. Obviously you'll be doing a registry. Our advice: concentrate on pulling together a registry mainly for the big/expensive and small but necessary products; it's those big gifts that parents and large groups of co-workers can easily go in on for you. Let your besties get the cute fun baby clothes and toys since they know you best. Fill it up with a stroller, carseat, re-useable (meaning washable) diapers like G Diapers, monitors, breast pump, and those things that you are going to really need. If you have no clue where to begin, here's our second tip (and something I wish I had had when I had my son): the online concierge service called Gugu Guru. You take a brief survey about your style and needs and it provides you with quality products that fit. Guarantee it will make your registry research ten times easier.

Factors to Consider When Getting Baby Gifts for Those You Know

With the many baby shower gifts in the market today, getting the best gift can be easier said than done. You can go with the registry which is a safe bet: you know they need it, it will certainly make the gift buying process a walk in the park, and you'll save a lot of time. The registry will not only help you know what the parents need most but also give you an idea of their taste and style. But this is where I like to be a little impractical, and veer off of the beaten path.

Do You Have Baby Cred?

As a mom myself I like to think that I have some advice to instill, so I might get something that I know worked for me and I think the parents might appreciate. Maybe you can relate? My favorites are magnetic (for buttons) pajamas, a lovey, a sound machine, baby food processor, sleep sacks, velcro swaddles, creams that work wonders, baby books that my son liked and a baby book for the parents: The First 1000 Days. One of the best gifts that you can get during a baby shower is a recommendation gift. In case you have been a parent before, there are some of the things such as the best feeding cups and spoons that you could have acquired through trial and error. Save the new parents the trouble and get them that which you can highly recommend for use.

baby book for parents journal

Gifts for Babies That Will Knock the Parents Socks Off

If case you fall into the category of A. not being a parent or not having been a parent for a long time. B. Not wanting to stick to the registry, but wanting to do something unique and thoughtful, then we've done a little research for you into some of the best ideas out there that will blow your new parents minds off! 

Bestowe Gifts

OK. It goes without saying that you should probably consider a Bestowe Gift. I won't go into that much detail (yes I will), but they are perfect combinations of a whole sentimental gift that begin to tell a story about the first few months of baby and family's life together. 

Try on one of our Baby Gifts for size. They are adorable, filled with lovey's (cute baby blankets in baby sizes that they carry around with them for years), baby balms, bigger blankets, books, and other goodies that are sure to be a mom-pleaser. Our favorite is set to launch in November (so sign up for our newsletter to get the release info on it. It's limited so make sure you sign up to get first dibs). Below are some of the items in the boxes.

lovey and baby balm and cat rattle with polar bear rattle on marble table
Meals Delivered

Momma and Dad (the new parents) will thank you for feeding them. They may not have enough time to cook for themselves and yet, still desire to be healthy and well-cared for too! In this day and age, getting food delivered is a cinch. You've got Hello Fresh, Sun Basket and Good Eggs (which donates some proceeds to a school of your choice, so pay attention when buying). There is also Instacart for grocery delivery. And one of my favorites is Meal Train. You can set a schedule, send out to all their friends, each friend signs up to bring them a home cooked meal on various dates. And lastly, you could find out what their favorite restaurant is and have it delivered by UberEats or Caviar. Super simple and believe me, they will love you for it.

Thoughtful Gifts for the New Parents

As much as the baby shower is mainly about buying gifts for the baby, I think it's nice to pamper the new parents as well. Get them something to indulge in. After all, they are the ones going through the birthing, the sleepless nights, the feedings, the genuine confusion of being a new parent.. (Shall I go on?). For instance, you may consider getting the mom beautifully scented bath products. Or a gift voucher to a massage or facial. Such services will make her feel loved and pampered and him feeling relaxed. Coffee and tea and mugs are perfect for both. FIX: We have a coffee/tea and baby box coming to our collection in a mont and new client gift boxes that can double as a good gift for the new parents too! 

Sign up for our newsletter to get the release info on it. It's limited so make sure you sign up to get first dibs.

House Cleaning or Diaper Cleaning Service

Who doesn't need to feel like they have some control when a new baby comes into their home. Babies are chaos (cute chaos, but the kind of cute that leaves you frazzled and beat and your house filled with dirty diapers), and cleaning the home with the new baby chores can almost seem impossible for a new parent. Treat then to a cleaning service at their house. Or, if they have washable or biodegradable diapers, set them up with a diaper cleaning service. 


If your friends trust you and you are responsible (or maybe not depending on how tired they are to care-JJ), then offer to watch their baby for a couple hours so that they can get some errands done, go out for a long meal together, or sleep! This is truly the most heavenly of all gifts...time for yourself.


Whether it's soothing, upbeat, a podcast to take your mind off things, or a mixtape for the new baby to sleep to, give the gift of a music service. My favorite is Pandora. They offer so much these days with offline music listening, no ads or interruptions and playlists you can put together on your own. They also have a new family plan. It's super cheap for a year of service.

Considerations for Baby Shower Gifts

Ok, but what if you haven't been a parent. Here's some food for thought.

1. Buy things the baby can grow into. Buy stuff for down the road. New parents always get a ton of the tiniest cutest stuff, but what happens 6 months from now, when the baby is older? Buying for the future gives the parents much needed relief when all of a sudden they are out of clothes that fit and realize they haven't even had time to shower let alone go shopping for new baby clothes (ok, maybe at six months they would have found some time to shower, but you know what I mean). 

2. Gender of the newborn is another factor to consider when buying baby gifts. Not necessarily that you have to get something "traditionally boy" and "traditionally girl" but maybe for the opposite reason. Find out how the parents feel about being neutral with the baby, what the color of the baby room is if you're getting decor, etc. Honestly, there are a lot of gender reveal parties lately, where you might not even know the sex of the baby until the shower or after the baby is born. 

3. Season and Location. You also need to consider the season which the baby is born or the place they are born for a perfect baby shower gift. For instance, in case the baby is born during winter, you need to get snuggly and heavy cloths to keep them warm. Summer babies, on the other hand, may need sunhats and other light clothing. In case you decide to buy something a bit bigger than the baby can wear some time down the road, consider the age of the season that will be by the time the baby is that old.

4.  Reflection. You were a baby once. Find a book or keepsake that you still have that you just know the mom or dad will remember too. A great Shel Silverstein book, a cute picture book for baby's first year, or a picture frame for the family's first photo together.

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