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Father’s Day Gifts to Honor Excellent Dads

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Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June every year. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate and thank the fathers and father figures in your life for all that they do. 

But finding gifts for him can be tricky; dads are notoriously hard to shop for! To help, we’ve put together some of our favorite ideas and tips to help get you inspired. 

Tips for Father’s Day Gifts

First and foremost, try to make the Father’s Day gift as personal as possible. Draw inspiration from Dad’s favorite things– even better, focus on something you have in common and enjoy doing together. For example, if you and Dad tend to bond over basketball, perhaps you could buy him some new basketball shoes and some tickets to the catch a game. Think of a special memory that you’ve shared with Dad and go from there. 

Gifts are one great way to show your appreciation, but what most dads really want on Father’s Day is to spend time with their loved ones and create fun memories together. Take your gift to the next level by pairing it with an activity or experience that you and Dad can enjoy together. If you love to spend time in the kitchen together, you could give him a new apron along with all the ingredients for a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try. Or if he's more into grilling, check out the Grill Master Grilling Gift Set.

Father’s Day Gifts

Whatever gift you decide on, be sure to include a heartfelt card or note. Or make a list of all the reasons why you love and appreciate the father or father figure in your life. Or create a video montage with your siblings. Chances are, something from the heart will be cherished more than any gift you could buy.  

Best Father’s Day Gifts

According to many surveys, the top two things dads hope for on Father’s Day are a card and/or a special day with family. With this in mind, the best Father’s Day gift is probably some kind of outing or activity that you can enjoy as a family. Of course, you can go the extra mile and pair that with a gift that fits the theme of the activity. If Dad loves birdwatching, for example, plan a hike on Father’s Day and pair it with a birding book or a spotting scope.  

Father’s Day Gifts from Daughter

Another thing many dads say they want to receive on Father’s Day is something homemade. Taking the time to make something from scratch, whether that be cooking up his favorite meal or making a scrapbook of memories, really shows how much you care. We love the idea of making a father-daughter “bucket list” full of fun things you want to do together  write different activities and outings on popsicle sticks and then put them in a decorated jar– then you can pull out one per week to try together! This is a gift idea that keeps on giving. 

Father’s Day Gifts from Son

Another thoughtful gift on Father’s Day is the gift of a helping hand. Perhaps you could offer to help your dad out with the yard work or assist with a project he’s been working on. Make the chores feel more fun and blast some of his favorite music. Maybe surprise him with his favorite takeout and some cold drinks during break time. He’ll be sure to appreciate the support and cherish the bonding time together! 

Is there something Dad has been asking you to do that you keep putting off? Maybe he always asks if you want to join him for a bike ride early in the morning, but you love to sleep in. Surprise him on Father’s Day by waking up early and coming downstairs in your biking gear. Maybe add a gift like some new bike lights or some leather cycling gloves to fit with the theme of the outing. 

Father’s Day Gifts for Husband

For husbands who are feeling a bit overworked or stressed out, think of a gift that will encourage some much-deserved rest and relaxation. Put together a box or basket full of self-care goodies, like our “Relax, Man” gift set featuring a sleek sleep mask, candle, and some luxurious skincare products. You could even pair the gift with a foot massage or another at-home spa treatment. 

fathers day gifts

Another great gift idea is something that will help bring the whole family together on Father’s Day like an interactive lawn game. Spikeball, BucketBall, Cornhole… there are countless options to choose from and new games coming out all the time! 

Step Dad Father’s Day Gifts

For stepdads, we love the idea of a gift that will facilitate bonding and help you connect on a deeper level. This could be something as simple as your favorite book or movie, or maybe a new activity for him to learn, like a skateboard paired with a free skateboarding lesson taught by yours truly! Take this idea a step further and plan a camping or backpacking trip to your favorite spot. You could even give your stepdad some cool camping gear like a Rumple blanket, waterproof playing cards, or a solar-powered mini speaker to bring with you on the trip. 

camping gift for fathers day

Funny Father’s Day Gifts

If Dad loves a laugh, you could write him a funny limerick or poem that tells the story of a silly memory you’ve shared or pokes a bit of fun at him. Or make a punny card. Another fun idea is to buy tickets to a comedy show that you can attend together. 

Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

New dads are probably burning the candle at both ends. Although they probably want to spend time with their new little one on Father’s Day, they may be in need of some time to themselves. If you’re a close family member, you could offer to take care of the baby so he can enjoy a night off with his partner or some friends. 

Another option is to go the practical route and get him something that will help with his new daddy duties, like a sturdy baby carrier for walks and hikes. Of course, a sentimental gift like a framed photo or photo book is a classic Father’s Day gift for new dads too. 

Father’s Day Gifts for Expecting Dads

Expecting fathers will likely be giddy with excitement and nerves on Father’s Day. And there are many things they will need to prepare for the next stage of their life- so finding a gift should be relatively easy. We like the idea of a nice camera to help him document the pregnancy and journey ahead. Or maybe a monthly tea or coffee subscription to fuel the early mornings and long days once the baby is born.  

simple father's day gift ideas

Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

Don’t forget about Grandpa on Father’s Day! Maybe get him a fun card game or board game that you can enjoy together, like a beautiful wood cribbage board. Or take some time to learn about something that he really enjoys– read a book or watch a movie together and discuss what you learn. 

Custom Father’s Day Gifts

A custom or personalized Father’s Day gift can feel extra special and thoughtful. Popular custom gift ideas for Father’s Day include a personalized pocket knife or a monogrammed leather wallet or travel kit. Or go with something DIY like a handpainted coffee mug or framed piece of art from the kids. Another custom Father’s Day gift idea is to put together a carefully curated gift box or gift basket with all of Dad’s favorite items and treats. 

Get the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day!

Whatever you decide to give the father or father figure in your life this year, we hope you take some time to express your love and gratitude and enjoy some quality time together. We guarantee that’s what he wants more than any gift! 

For more Father’s Day gift ideas and inspiration, check out the wide variety of ready-to-ship gifts on our website. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, dads-to-be, grandpas, and father figures out there!

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