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Show Your Love with These Custom Gifts for Girlfriends

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Buying the perfect gift for your perfect girl can be a challenge multiple times a year between her birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, Christmas, and maybe buying a gift just because you love her (if you’ve never done this, it’s a great time to start thinking about it).

If you’re feeling a bit stuck on what to buy, have a browse through these personalized gifts for her to find the one that matches your girlfriend's likes and interests. And if you want to expand your ideas and boost your inspiration even more, then keep reading. But first, make sure you intentionally think about your choice as a recent study has shown that giving a bad gift can actually hurt your relationship. So take a moment to jot down notes on your girlfriend's personality, interests, season of life, or anything else you can think of that will help you pick a gift she will love and cherish.

4 Tips for Your Custom Gifts for Girlfriend

There are many common similarities among women about their general enjoyment of shopping, getting nails done, and needing a venti coffee with a sweet treat while making it all happen. But each woman is unique and even if you buy her a general gift you know she will love, it’s always going to win you some points to add a custom element or two. Whatever gift you choose, consider adding one of the following elements to your gift to truly customize and personalize it for your ride or die.

Get Creative on Packaging

This aspect of customization could range anywhere from choosing colors, texture, and/or any number of design elements to spruce up your gift. To be clear, the word creative here is not to be confused with lazy or weird so please don’t wrap your gift in a trash bag and try to get away with the ties looking like a bow. There are many ways to customize your gift wrapping that only take an extra few minutes to execute. 

Write a Sweet Note on Stationary 

Stationary could sound super fancy but it doesn’t have to be out of reach, even for you. Examples could be a set of cards with matching envelopes, but it could also be a designed pad of paper for a simple note. Most stores, even a small drug store, all the way up to entire businesses devoted to paper, will have options for you to choose from. Just remember to choose something that makes sense for your girlfriend specifically - refer to the list you made before starting your shopping... 

Have It Engraved or Monogrammed

Try not to imagine the old monogrammed towels you remember seeing at your grandma’s house growing up. Don’t get me wrong, monogrammed towels can be modern and beautiful, but sometimes it can be hard to picture what that looks like today. If you need a visual aid for inspiration, these monogrammed gifts should help you envision the one for your one

Add a Hand-Made Element

Making a home-made card is always a great and fairly simple option. If you want to add in an extra-special element you could always make a scrub of some sort with a scent you know she will love, like this energizing coffee sugar scrub. Or maybe you're better with words and want to express yourself with a home-made scrabble picture frame. Whatever it may be, think about your own skill set and something she loves and combine them into a wonderfully thoughtful, hand-made gift. 

Relaxing & Cute Custom Gifts For Girlfriend

Many people find it hard to relax but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to add more relaxing to their life. For all the ladies out there that love a good bath, consider this Blissful Bath gift box that requires little effort on your part since you purchase it ready-to-ship and already beautifully packaged. Another way to brighten your girlfriend’s day anytime is sending her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from this amazing company called Farmgirl Flowers. They only buy local flowers that are in season in order to intentionally support local businesses and agriculture. The bouquet’s in person are just as beautiful as the photos, if not more.  

Custom Gifts For Girlfriend

Custom Gifts For Your Girlfriend

As we mentioned above, one way to truly customize a gift is by adding an engraving, monogram, or something even more unique like sustainable clothing with a hand chain-stitched love message, inside joke, the date you said I love you, or anything you can think of :) If you are in need of a gift a bit less involved yet full of style, quality, and thoughtfulness, this To Be Loved: Block Printed Scarf custom gift set might be exactly what you are looking for. 

Custom Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Does your girlfriend happen to be a foodie? If you answered “Yes” to that question then this Food Lover gift box is a wonderful gift option. It’s a multi-sensory experience that you and your girlfriend will love. 

awesome custom gifts for girlfriend

Sustainable & Awesome Custom Gifts For Girlfriend

A gift itself can be made from sustainable ingredients, which is important and meaningful. But, the mission of the company can also position themselves in the business world in a way that creates sustainable job training and mentorship for womxn overcoming adversity while also producing healthy and delicious nut butters. This is not too good to be true, it’s exactly the mission of Ground Up PDX, the company making some heavenly nutty mixture named Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Almond, Cashew + Coconut Butter. It’s hard to imagine someone not loving this kind of a gift! 

This gift set, aptly called, The Every Girl, includes earrings that are to die for, delicious caramels, and lip/cheek stain made by a company that values the beauty and healing power of organic herbs and plants.

Custom Gifts for Girlfriend

Custom Gifts for Girlfriend with Bestowe Gifting

We recognize this is a lot of information to absorb but it is a good sign you are moving in the right direction. For even more custom gifts for your girlfriend, check out our complete collection of Gifts for Her and we promise you will find a romantic, personalized, and wonderful gift for her to show your love. 
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