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Client Work: The Best Way Brides Can Say Thank You

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bridal party gifts Hannah payne and catherine weis

Custom Gifting with Hannah Payne

We kept our one woman shop busy this summer with some exciting new partnerships. It seems like a long time ago (3 months to be exact) that the ever so lovely, Hannah Payne and blog extraordinaire contacted Bestowe to help her with her bridal party gifting. I was more than enthusiastic and after meeting her and her fiancé in person couldn't have been more blessed to have such an amazing couple to work with. We had such good chemistry, but honestly, I don't know who wouldn't with her, she's downright a delight, good at communication and so gracious that it made the process super seamless. I thought I'd take you through a bit of our process working together to give you an idea of what can happen with good gifting, great design and amazing clients come to call on Bestowe.

Hannah Payne Wedding Bridal Party Gifts

Your Bridal Party

Let's take a second and recognize your maids and groomsmen. I mean, members of your bridal party are more than just the people that precede you walking down the aisle, that stand next to you in photos, or wear matching pastel dresses. They are your people; the ones who have stood by you both literally and metaphorically on every big day leading up to THE Big Day. Your bridal party has journeyed with you through the highs and lows of wedding planning, and there is no more thoughtful or meaningful way to say a giant “thank you” than with a custom gift to capture exactly how you feel toward the ones who have journeyed with you and your fiancé. 


Unique Quality Groomsmen Gifts

The Process of Creating Custom Bridal Party Gifts


Step 1: Brainstorming

Our first step after we decided to work together: Brainstorming. This is a collaborative effort, I mean, it isn't my wedding (although I really do love weddings), I want to make you feel as stress-free as possible. That's why I want you to get to know me as much as me you. We try to make the brainstorming process straightforward and easy, making sure you feel like you are involved every step of the way, or as much as you want to be. This is important to us. We want to spend time getting to know you by talking on the phone--what's that anymore!, and most importantly getting to know your relationships with your bridal party. Hannah and I brainstormed together a few times before arriving at our final vision for their bridal party’s gifts.

Hannah Payne Wedding Bridal Party Gifts

Step 2: Product Secured and Approved

After our initial talks, I went to the sketchpad and my handy dandy catalogue of artisan vendors to round up about 8 ideas of curated gifting combinations for her and Kyle to choose from + some small flower girl, ring bearer and parents gifts. I usually offer 3 rounds of finessing, but honestly, it took us one. I mean with 4 choices for the bridesmaids, you're bound to find something you like, right? Hannah also already had some earrings and robes from her own vendors, so my job was to make sure that what I formed as a box would compliment these gifts nicely. 

Hannah Payne Wedding Bridal Party Gifts Beer Labels Home Brew

Step 3: Final Graphic Design and Packaging Touches

Once I lock in the vendors, I start tackling the design (we do full-service design at Bestowe) and the packaging. We're talking cards, ribbons, maps, tags, bags and more; all custom designed to fit your style of your wedding and any other paper product you might need or want. I absolutely love exercising our graphic design skills. We were asked to design 3 beer labels for beer that Kyle brewed on his own and came up with the naming: Hoppy Matrimony, Sweet Sweet Love, and Beerly Beloved. They used the labels on the rest of the bottles that they had at the bar for their guests as well.

Hannah Payne Wedding Bridal Party Gifts
Step 4: The End Product

For the bride tribe, we chose a gifting theme emphasizing relaxation with light, feminine details, called Rosé All Day. For the guys, we honed in on the groom’s passion for homebrewing beer (obvs) and settled on warm leather tones as our color scheme. 


Hannah Payne Wedding Bridal Party Gifts

Bridesmaids gifting

 Kids Wedding I Spy Free Download

We had so much fun designing and putting together this little "I Spy" gamecard for all of the little bridal party kids at the wedding. Download yours free, right here!

Hannah Payne Wedding Flower Girl Ring Bearer Gifts

Photos by Conner Smith 


The Results 

We curated items, many from local small business, to create the custom boxes for Hannah and Kyle. It was important to us to convey who they were, where we came from, and more about our destination wedding: like a beautiful pint glass etched the destination of our Mendocino wedding for the groomsman from Well Told Design. We wanted to add pieces that would be useful for the Big Day from sunrise to sunset. For both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, we aimed to gift pieces that they would enjoy during the wedding weekend and beyond.




For the Bridesmaids


French Girl Cosmetics for setting the tone of relaxation and pampering with calming Rose Sea Polish and moisturizing Lip Tint  in Ambre Noire  (that is, if I do say so myself, my all-time favorite beauty product) 


Sincerely Sofi Designs PJ Set perfect for a relaxing, silky, and cozy wedding morning


Una Lou Rose for toasting with as we prepped (and add a pretty pop of color to our gift)


Palete Polish in Earl Grey for adding a light, pretty, and femine touch to our look for the day. 


Sachi Style Earrings in Grey Moonstone for adding a stunning finishing touch to pair with my bridesmaid’s formal gowns. 



For the Groomsmen 


The Groom’s Homebrewed Beers complete with custom labels designed by Catherine herself 


Fire Road Bottle Opener for cracking a cold one with the boys (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun)


Map Pint Glasses for sipping Kyle’s brews in a glass that gave a custom ode to our wedding venue, complete with “Poppinga Brewing Co.” etched in the glass


Leather Luggage Tags by Lifetime Leather Co. for dark leather accents and custom monograms for each groomsman


Teakwood + Leather Candle by BASIK for a masculine scent and an ode to Bestow Gfting’s Bay Area roots 


Dress Socks by the Tie Bar for adding a dash of color to the groomsmen’s formal look



bridal party bride bridesmaids custom gifts groom groomsman wedding

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