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The Etiquette of the Christmas Hostess Gifts and Thank You Gifts

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The holidays are one time of year where we all remember what giving is about. Let's face it. Every year, we are invited to one, if not many, holiday parties, dinners, galas or gatherings. 

Christmas Hostess Gift Etiquette

It ought to go without saying, that if someone has invited you into their home you should show your appreciation for their hospitality; whether the event is at your best friends house for an intimate gathering, your parents house for dinner, a work party at your boss' abode, or a festive gathering for both kids and adults.

I'm guilty of it as well, you're invited to your friends for appetizers and drinks and you run to the store on the way to grab a $10 bottle of wine. That same bottle of wine will most likely be drunk that night (possibly without the host or hostess ever knowing you brought it in the first place). I'm not saying ditch the wine necessarily, but you could make your gift more memorable. Bring something that shows you appreciate their thoughtfulness and effort to have you over, something that they can enjoy beyond the event. 

The Etiquette Of The Holiday Hostess Gift

Holiday Thank You Gift Ideas

1. A wreath or garland for a tablescape or the bathroom door. Bring a candle for the middle and now you have a festive holiday piece. Your host will thank you for bringing something unique and creative.

The Etiquette Of The Holiday Hostess Gift

2. Yummy bread wrapped in a nice dish towel (we love the towels by Jenny Pennywood. Throw in some Jam too if you're feeling sweet.

The Etiquette Of The Holiday Hostess Gift

3. Honey and a honey wand. We like to give away Sola Bee Honey and a honey wand from Willful Goods from our In The Kitchen box.

3. Cocktail Sticks. I can't wait to get these in one of my boxes this next year. These are from FruitSuper

4. Nice soap for the bathroom. Try Etta + Billie. Or for something to in a bottle, go for Aesop.

The Etiquette Of The Holiday Hostess Gift

5. A Shrub for drinks. 'your hostess can choose to use it at the party and afterwards. InnaJam or Shrub & Co. make some great ones.

6. Chocolates and sweets. Is there a local place you've passed by that specializes in candies and sweets? Run in a pick up a bundle to have on hand for any last minute gift you might need. Wrap it with a bow and stow it away until you venture out. 

The Etiquette Of The Holiday Hostess Gift

Homemade Christmas Thank You Gifts

7. I love something homemade. Nothing says thoughtful like a plate of baked cookies or homemade bread. Look at this delicious recipe from Style Sweet CA or these Fudgy Bourboun Balls from Smitten Kitchen.

The Etiquette Of The Holiday Hostess Gift

8. A beautifully scented candle, a piece of art, and something useful. This exclusive collaboration for Bestowe gives you the choice between 3 candle vessels from two different artisans (MMClay and Stcao). They are then filled with a scent from Basik Candle Co. After the vessels burn, your guest has an awesome dishwasher safe mug for coffee or tea.

9. A bottle of Prosecco. Wine is nice, but sparkling wine always feel like a celebration. Give them the gift of bubbly. It doesn't have to break the bank either.

10. I love this idea, and this is totally going to be my gift of the year, the gift of music. Record players have been making a comeback, and everyone loves a good classic! Buy and album and wrap it up. Another thought, and I'm particularly biased, but a nice 3 month subscription to Pandora is a great gesture. (Hint: you can always sign up for our newsletter and refer a friend, and you'll receive your own 3-month subscription as a thank you from us to you).


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