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Back to School Gift Guide for Teachers and Students

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While you still may be in summer ‘grill and chill’ mode, back-to-school season is just around the corner. Have you ever thought of getting your loved ones a back-to-school gift? A lovely gift box is an excellent way of showing your love and support for that special student in your life as they head back to school.  

This quick guide will help you choose from some of the best back-to-school gifts! 

Welcome Back to School Gifts for College Students

Looking to provide some comfort and R&R to your favorite hardworking college student? Want to help them celebrate the excitement of finally going back to class in person?! Here’s what we recommend.

  1. Bestowe College Starter Care Package

First on our list of gift items is this Bestowe Care Package -- put together just for college students. It is an excellent gift for first-year college kids — whether they’re attending classes remotely or in person. 

This gift package costs a pocket-friendly $65. It includes school supplies, some dark chocolate, and nuts -- the edible items in this gift package are known for boosting brainpower, making them the perfect choice for college students. 

For an extra $10, you can get the gift package delivered in a signature box - perfect to repurpose as a storage solution for letters, school supplies, etc! There are also different greeting card designs accompanying the package, which you can choose from to best reflect the personality of the recipient. 

  1. Morning Ritual Care Package

This gift set is perfect for the college student who has an early class. Give the gift that keeps giving — caffeine! Your college student can enjoy a deep cup of Joe with the unique coffee mug included, along with some seasonal fruit crisps and some delicious dukkah, great in yogurt, oatmeal, or a topping for fish or steak. The set also includes a handwoven towel so they can clean up their breakfast in style and jet off to class.

home office gift box

  1. The Home Office Upgrade 

Even if your student is going back to in-person classes this year, they’ll likely spend a lot of time at their desk in their dorm studying and doing homework. The Home Office Upgrade will have them sprucing up their study area and turning it into the ultimate zen studying zone. There’s a little something for every area of studying in this box, from delicious caramels and beautiful leather coasters. 

Want to learn more about what we offer?

Back to School Gifts for Teachers (and Adults with Kids)

Parents sending their kids back to college also deserve some love and pampering. Here are some great gifts for parents whose kids are going back to school: 

  1. Sweet Treats

After tending to their kid’s needs, especially after a tough year of distance learning and lockdowns, parents deserve a sweet treat.

This Bestowe package costs only $40 and features dark chocolate drizzled popcorn, gourmet hot chocolate, and peppermint toffee. 

You can throw in a greeting card with different designs to choose from and a signature box (for an extra $10). 

food gift box

  1. Food Lover Deluxe

When the kids are settled back in at school, it’s time for mom and dad to enjoy some delicious food. This gift pack includes honey, granola, bourbon pecans, coffee, a hand-thrown ceramic mug, and even a luxurious candle so parents can relax and enjoy these delectable goodies by candlelight.

self care mini gift box

  1. Self-Care Mini

After a busy summer of keeping the household in line, every parent deserves some self-care. 

 The self-care mini is a great gift to help parents relax. It is perfect for a spa day at home and features a clay facial mask for skin exfoliation. It also includes a cotton and teak candle that adds a tranquil scent to help parents experience ultimate relaxation and spa vibes from the comfort of their own homes. 

Care Packages for Teachers and Students

Both parents and kids deserve a lovely gift when it’s back-to-school time. We’ve got something for everyone at Bestowe. Browse more offerings here!

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