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Announcing Corporate Event Gifts for Virtual Meetings

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This is an exciting moment in the face of our business. And as most businesses we are having to adapt. However, this adaptation is a natural progression of what we first intended to do with our corporate gifting: to create custom gifting for a variety of events: starting with affordable choices that reek of quality.

A purpose for corporate gifting

One of our passions at Bestowe is connecting small-batch artisans with our clients. One of our other passions with Bestowe Partners (the corporate gifting arm of our business) is to find like-minded professionals who share our desire to support local artisans, create thoughtful moments with others and come up with cohesive designs for companies that encompass their mission and purpose through gifting: from the box it ships in to the products within. Hence, the creation of Bestowe Partners. This division was created to provide unique and memorable solutions for corporate gifting.

With many virtual trainings taking place online now (which we address in another one of our blog posts you can read right here) for corporate and mid-tier companies, we have been asked to create offerings to support these events. Gifts for clients and employees alike.

unique and memorable solutions for corporate gifting

Today, I thought we would share a few of the example gifts that we have devised for our clients. These gifts are just the bare bones of what we offer. We already work with our clients to source the best products to represent their event, but we are also available for full-service design to create custom gifting shippers (boxes that this product ships in), invitations, meeting materials, and anything else you desire to create an experience that feels right for your company's event.

Three Tips for Creating a Gift for an Online Event

1. Choose your objective: what type of event is this, a mixer, a brainstorm, onboarding, conference, or employee engagement or client thank you's.

2. Choose products for the gift box that support that objective: examples below. (However, since we are on the topic: if the event is an onboarding event, you may want to supply materials for the onboarding activities, game materials, or a branded product as a welcome to your community and company

3. Give something meaningful your clients or employees can use beyond the event moment. Giving something memorable, lasts much longer and means more than a tchochki you have with your brand on it. These materials are pieces that will spark conversations, things that they may use everyday at home, and gifts that are thoughtful and have much potential to create long-term meaningful relationships.

Brainstorm Meeting Material Ideas

We call this one The Ultimate Brainstorm

Intended for a team brainstorm or a team-building exercise session, we created this box to jouge up your next corporate gathering. The idea is to create context around your event. From activating the brain cells (with puzzles and games) to emphasizing wellness at the workspace and beyond with a candle. to purchase, contact us here.

 HR gifts for networking and brainstorming meetings

Onboarding Gifts

We call this one the Onboarding the Crew

You may have your own event planned for welcoming new members to your crew or tribe, but this gift will emphasize that brainpower and fun go hand in hand with a notepad and pen to jot notes, a deck of cards inspiring thoughtful conversations, and dark chocolate to boost brainpower. to purchase, contact us here.

 Onboarding new employees gift employee engagement

Work Wellness Gift for Employees and Clients

We call this one the Working in Wellness

All employees and even clients could use a pick me up during these incredibly stressful times. We put together a gift of gifts that employees and clients can use outside of the 9-5 and computer time. As a way to say thank you for after the conference or just to say "We appreciate you" with essentials oils for wellness and a candle for the home.  to purchase, contact us here.

wellness gift for employees for employee appreciation gifts

All of these gifts are available on our website by contacting us. If you want to design a fully customized box, we're here to help too! And, if you'd like a planned virtual experience or event and gift all bundled into one nice bow, contact us as well. We have many partners that would love to help you out with the planning of your event, and we can take care of the care package that goes along with it.

All of these gifts were created in conjunction with a partner of ours in Chicago: PC Experiences, an event company specializing in B2B events focused on companies telling a story or conveying a message to their internal audiences.

corporate gifting employee employee appreciation employee engagement employee retention

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