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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Five Years: It isn't just wood anymore!

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Five Year Anniversary Gift Inspiration Part 3: And it isn't just wood!

I remember my 5 year wedding anniversary like it was yesterday. I remember the feeling of “we’ve made it!”. It just feels like such a significant milestone, so much so that the traditional 5 year anniversary gift is wood. So much symbolism. Wood can be rugged or worn but also beautiful and polished. It is incredibly strong and durable. Its character is its beauty. And when I see a beautiful piece of wood, it somehow tells a story. So, it's really a perfect anniversary gift for being married 5 years.

If you’ve read our Year One and Year 2-4 Anniversary articles you know the drill - we fill the articles with tons of inspiration for traditional gifts, modern gifts, and then our special spin on gifts! Here we go! Join our newsletter to read more as we do more installments of the Traditional Anniversary Gifts.

Wooden Hanging

Want to learn more about what we offer?

Wooden 5 Year Anniversary GIft Ideas:

  • Wooden Jewelry: A dreamy Wooden Jewlery Stand will offer years of support for all those future anniversary gifts - wink wink! And for him, a little wooden wrist accessory. There is nothing more classy than a timepiece to show your commitment.
  • Bamboo or driftwood wind chime for a little outdoor ambiance like this cutie and this one or this beautiful combination of ceramics and wood from artist Heather Levine.
  • Craft Night: What about an online experience and class or a DIY project? Workshop projects always make for a great bonding activity and you get something neat for your home! They are offering take home kits or socially distanced workshops! Or maybe you could try your hand at making one of these awesome sunset wall hangings!
  • From our collection at Bestowe, I would certainly recommend our Summer Picnic gift set to go with a Vestige Home cutting board. Take your beloved on a picnic and surprise them with these awesome trip ideas listed below - now that would be romantic. And - I think it would also pair nicely with some wooden servers, I love the look and feel of olive wood!
  • And for a splurge gift, I’ve always wanted a handmade wooden chair. Something one of a kind for an accent piece or even an outdoor set! I’ve had my eye on this beauty

Modern 5 Year Anniversary Gifts:

For the modern approach, the gift of server ware. t is a little harder to get creative with, and there isn’t much symbolism, but if you haven’t upgraded to black flatware, check these out. Swoon. Oh, and try to find something at a local kitchen store or boutique - these guys really need your support more than big box stores: one of our favorite local haunts is !


Dreaming up a Travel-Inspired 5-Year Anniversary:  

And for the grand finale, as promised, the ultimate 5-year anniversary gift is the gift of wander. Getting out and exploring with your spouse of F-I-V-E years!

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve got ideas that will be great for social distancing and a few more ideas that would be great if we weren’t in the global-pandemic-travel-restricted life. PS - I completely condone social distancing, mask wearing, and overall COVID-safety, but a girl can dream…

I have traveled on many different budgets and in today's world, in an uncertainty of the economic future, I am only planning low budget travel, but it can still be loads of fun, adventurous, luxurious or however you roll! I'm a little bit of both! I like to get outdoors and enjoy nature and lounge by the pool with a great book and drink! So here are some more affordable trips I've thought up to celebrate my own upcoming anniversary that can also be COVID-Safe! All of these would pair nicely with custom, curated Road Trippin gift or this Go-To Travel box!

Airbnb romantic getaways

  • AirBnb & VRBO - First of all, these hosts are going above and beyond with cleanliness and most places will have a 24 hour break in between guests for fogging/disinfecting. Just check in with the hosts on their policies. Many things like rugs and decorative pillows have been removed and with an AirBnb or VRBO rental, you can stay in some pretty unique and fun places! My favorites lately? Cute cabins and small dwellings. Based on the season, you might be chasing the leaf changes or some fun in the sun, but there is something for everyone on these sites!

glamping big sur


  • Campsites & Glampsites: Camping is obviously socially distancing at its finest and all of the state and national parks I’ve been able to get to recently have been excellent about keeping everyone socially distant, keeping bathrooms and bath houses incredibly clean, and closing all facilities/events that would put people at risk (shuttles, playgrounds, etc.) However, being in the elements isn’t for everyone! That’s where glamping comes in! Glamping is nature and luxury. Some glamping locations offer pillow top mattresses, air conditioning/heat, and even breakfast in bed. Plus, you still get to be secluded and enjoy some beautiful scenery. Throw in some beaching, hiking, biking, or other fun activities close to your glampsite and you’ve got a pretty great getaway. One of my favorite things to do camping (or glamping) is to purchase meal kits in advance. That way I know I will have all the spices and ingredients to cook great meals without having to worry about planning or grocery shopping! Searching for campsites on Reserve America or checkout Ventana Glamping Campground for some unique camping adventures. Or you can read about some of my favorite camping spots here.
  • 24, 48, 72 hours road trips - try a google search for an area near you with how many days you are traveling to find great itineraries! I recently went out to Zion National Park and there are so many ways to make a full trip by hopping around parks and events. And of course food tours, reserved timeslots at museums, local breweries, and the like can round out a trip nicely! Here are some other great ideas to enjoy the great outdoors.

Post-Covid Traveling Anniversary Trip Ideas:

  • Europe - ok, yes, this could easily be 20 or 30 trips, but I've got a few bucket list trips planned out! My top 2 right now are Norway and Morocco. Specially, I want to see the fjords and northern lights in Norway and be a part of the culture in Morocco! Not to mention the cuisine!!

Something I’ve always wanted to do is travel by train through European countries. You can see some really incredible scenery that you wouldn’t otherwise see and get to a new destination quickly and affordably. Following along on instagram @visitnorway or similar accounts is a great way to find some must-see attractions. Another great option is a Norweigen cruise as a way to see as much as possible! I recently found Welcome Beyond online and I'm saving almost all the locations as dream spots for the future.


Maybe you’ve been saving up for this big trip or maybe you’ve got some travel points you are ready to cash in, in either case, you cannot go wrong with a small splurge or a large splurge trip. The main word there, is TRIP! Get out and do something new together!

  • Caribbean Cruise - I’ve also always had my eye on an incredible trip with a Tradewinds charter. They provide private/semi-private charters in the Caribbean (and other places) Just imagine being on a small vessel sailing through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and getting to stop at any private beach or uninhabited island you want to! There are comfortable sleeping quarters, water activities like SUP boards and kayaks, the ability to go wherever you and the guests on board want to go and … oh and a chef on board who prepares fresh caught seafood and other great cuisine and cocktails! There are also planned stops to check out towns, shopping, and more! The prices range - but this is definitely another splurge trip!
  • Staying in the US - There are so many great destinations without leaving the US, but yet they can feel like you are far away! From Lake Tahoe to Coastal Maine, the US is full of beauty and history as well! You can find adventure, luxury, dining, golf, spas, or even small romantic getaways in the most unexpected places. It is a great way to plan a getaway in the US! A few favorites are this one at Post Ranch Inn and this small Airbnb getaway in Joshua Tree 

I hope you have lots of great ideas to celebrate your upcoming 5 year anniversary! I’d love to hear any more ideas you might be thinking of!! 

Are you interested in seeing more anniversary gift inspiration? Let us know and we’ll keep them coming!





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