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5 Ways to Become a Gift Wrapping Holiday Guru

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I always leave the gift wrapping up to my husband. Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I'm not 100% the best wrapper on the planet. In fact, I usually spend so much time curating the gift on the inside, that I forget to dress up the outside to be just as special. Or, I'm too worn out to do it. 

This year, I really stepped up my game. I've been researching some beautiful gift wrap ideas and gift wrapping itself. I'd like to share with you some of the gift wrapping videos I've whipped up this past year that might get you in the mood to spruce up the outside of that holiday gift. 

I may not be the best wrapper, but I know good wrapping when I see it and I'm certainly not afraid of the challenge of trying it on my own. So, join me here to get inspired. If you want even more ideas, I also started a Pinterest board that you can see some of my own inspiration for gift wrapping. Go check that out here!

Origami Paper Holiday Gift Wrapping How To

 Origami Holiday Paper Gift Wrapping

Do you want a fun challenge, but something absolutely worth the effort? We love the art of Origami style gift wrapping.

How to do it is actually easier to watch than to write, so I've given you both a video and instructions below. Once you get it, you'll want to wrap all of your gifts like this. It makes an absolutely cute gift wrap job without having to add a bow! Tell us below if you try. We'd love to hear how you did.


1. Grab a piece of paper and a boxed item. Large graphic prints work great, or solid colors also work. double-sided tape is a must.

2. Follow the video and save it for ease, but fold the paper over the short side of the gift box. Mark where it hits the edge and touches the other side.

3. Cut on a straight line where you marked the paper. I use an envelope cutter to give a straight cut. I also pre-score (fold it and rub with my fingernail or hard surface) to make it easier to cut.

4. Now put your box in to measure the other (length) side. Let the papers "kiss" again, but instead of scoring on the end, fold the paper back to halfway on the top of the box.

5. Score and Cut.

6. Fold that same side up to the middle, running your fingers along the edges to create solid fold lines.

7. Push in both sides and fold over the top of the box.

8. Tape these down with double-sided tape.

9. Repeat steps 7-8 with the other flaps from both sides of the box.

10. Fold up the bottom nicely and double tape it.

11. Give and enjoy watching them open your gift!

Tell us if you try this below. We'll have more on origami wrapping as the season moves closer to the holidays.


How to Tie the Perfect Bow for the top of a gift

For years I've been trying to figure out how to make one of those big bows to fill out the entire top of a present with all of the extra ribbon. With lots of practice, I have finally succeeded and wanted to share this with you! ⁠

I was shocked on how easy it is to create yourself. ⁠


1. Get a ribbon at least a 2-3 feet in length.⁠

2. Fold it over itself as many times as you want. I chose to fold it about 4-5 inches.⁠

3. When done, cut (with really good scissors) in the middle, one half halfway across the width.⁠

4. Turn the ribbon around. Make another cut on the other side at a little further down from the original, about halfway across as well. Make the second cut a little further down so that the ribbon still stays intact (otherwise your just cut the whole thing in half!).⁠

5. Tie the folded ribbon onto the top of the box by tying the ribbon into the grooves you cut, then double knot the ribbon.⁠

6. Once secure, spread out the loops to create a beautiful full bow.⁠

How to Spruce Up the Top of a Gift with a Floral or Evergreen Accent

How do you make your present sing? A piece of SWAG. Not the kind of swag like the stress ball with a corporate logo on it from your office party last year (and if that's the kind of gifts you're getting from your company, then we need to talk!), but a beautiful floral topper to spruce up your gift. #tipstuesday⁠ This is a great way to substitute a bow. Obviously you can do this with any kind of materials. Our holiday favs? 1. some evergreen sprigs with a Cinnamon Stick and tied together with a metallic ribbon or 2. Small red berry twig and eucalyptus leaves and white yarn.

The video is pretty easy to follow, but here are some helpful hints:⁠

1. Dried flowers will work best and bonus: you'll be able to hold onto them for a while to create more swag in the future.⁠

2. You can find dried flowers like these at your local flower shop, (aka, not the grocery store). Pointer: go early in the morning (like 5am) to score the best of the best.⁠

3. Assemble the arrangement with different textures to create more dynamism.⁠

4. Arrange the tallest pieces in the back.⁠

5. Pick complementing ribbon⁠

6. Tie off with a beautiful ribbon (we love @studiocartashop or @illumesilks or @heyitsohsopretty)⁠

7. After you tie the bouquet off with ribbon, connect the swag with some twine to the box, and you're good to go!⁠

A big shout out to Ricci with @rustandflourish, whose hands you see working frantically in the video. 

A Template for a Pom Pom Gift Topper

I just can't get over how easy it is! Before when I would make these pom poms I would just wing it. Now, with a template, I can make a ton that are consistent and perfectly puffy every time. This idea is great for both decor (like garland for the holidays) and bows for the tops of gift boxes!⁠

1. Grab a cheap spool of yarn, scissors, and some light chipboard for cutting out your template.⁠

2. Make your template by using a circular shape to first trace the outer shape two times, then a nickel or coin to draw the inner shape. Make sure your scissors are really sharp for this and for step 5.⁠

3. Once the circle is cut out, cut the smaller circle in the center. Feel free to cut a generous gap (from the outside to inside circle) for your yarn to fit through.⁠

4. Begin wrapping the yarn around the circle until the whole card is filled up. I go around about 5 or more times.⁠

5. Once finished, split the two chipboards up and cut the yarn on the edge all the way around.⁠

6. Take a cut piece of yarn and wrap it trough the two chipboards where you just cut, and tie a double knot.⁠

7. Remove the ball of yarn and trim off the uneven pieces. Fluff it up and you have a pom!⁠

Furoshiki of Cloth Gift Wrapping Made Easy 

My latest obsession...the art of Furoshiki Gift Wrapping. I love Japan's rich culture, which is where I first discovered this art of gift wrapping. I traveled to Japan many years ago and met some wonderful new friends. Upon departing Japan they had wrapped up a little remembrance gift for me and my husband and packaged it up with this delightful double sided and beautiful cloth. In my many years for the quest to discover ways to alter my effect (of waste) on the planet, I realized that this was a great solution to my holiday gift wrapping.

If you want to learn more about sustainable gift wrapping options check out our blog post: HERE.

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