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5 Foolproof Gift Ideas to Buy for The Hard to Shop For Person

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5 Foolproof Gift Ideas to Buy for The Hard to Shop For Person 

Some people in our lives are a breeze to shop for. For whatever reason, we are able to inwardly channel them when we pick presents for them. Maybe it’s because we like the same things, or because I know them so well. For me, when it comes to these types of giftees, I can walk into one of my favorite stores and come home with gifts they are sure to LOVE. Of course, not everyone is like that.

My husband, for instance, is not one of these people. I’m always wholly dumbfounded on what to get for him. I put off shopping for his birthday until the last possible minute. Even if I had time to spend hours wandering through shops, looking for the perfect gift, I would leave feeling a little disappointed.

Whenever I ask him for gift ideas, he says that I’m the only gift he wants. awe. Even though his sentiments are sweet, I really wish he would give me a hint of something he might enjoy! Because, as you might have guessed from my business, I can't resist giving a wrapped goodie to someone. It brings me joy and utter happiness to bring someone else happiness and a hint of happy surprise.

So I understand where you might be coming from when I get emails saying you are confounded on what to get for your own Picky Pete or Finicky Fiona. 

Do you know someone who seems to have everything, so it makes picking out a gift feel like a monumental task?

I have developed a full-proof way to pick out a present for a person who has everything. It has helped me when picking out holiday gifts for my husband and a wedding gift for my uncle who married at 60. It also helped me discover a perfect token to give to a friend who recently lost her job to cheer her up. Hopefully, it will assist you in finding just the right thing for the tricky person in your life.

 Holiday gift exchange between man and woman

The Full-Proof Way to Find a Gift for Someone Who Wants for Nothing

To find the best gift, think about the “day in the life” of your giftee. Visualize that person going through their daily routine. What could you give to them that will bring happiness to the receiver, even during the more difficult moments of their day?



Do you know enough about them to know if they pop out of bed at 5:30 to go exercise or maybe have sleepness nights because their job is so hectic? Maybe during this period or morning awareness, your giftee spends time meditating or enjoying a favorite hot beverage and taking in some much needed self-care moments.

 morning coffee or tea

Perhaps, you could you purchase something that will bring them into the wakeful world with a little more gentleness. How about a progressive alarm clock that gradually increases in volume instead of offering an off-putting screech when it is time to rise and shine, or one that sounds like birds for someone who enjoys nature. I once got my friend some herbs and teas that were said to help with sleepness nights and anxiety from my favorite store in town, Homestead Apothecary. What makes gifting special, is that you are taking the extra step to understand the giftee and search out something thoughtful that even they didn’t realize they could use.

Maybe you don’t know enough, something generic for the morning time could be nice as well. Almost everyone likes a hot drink. We have a couple gifts, Morning Rituals Tea and Morning Rituals Brew, that I absolutely love to give. I also have a mushroom Elixir for those who are sensitive, can't have caffeine and/or who may be going through Chemotherapy, Chemo Comfort and Care. Everyone needs to brush their teeth, to put on clothes, to eat. Find them some yummy breakfast items to delight in, or a luxurious, yet comfortable pair of slippers for them to keep by their bed.


I have a friend who struggles to greet each day, especially during the winter.  Since she lives in a cold climate, I bought her a towel warmer. She said that wrapping herself in a plush warm towel is just the sort of pampering she needs to get her through a cold, February morning.


bath and cozy ritual

Pictured above Wellness Everyday and Relax and Restore


We need to encourage each other to stop moving for a bit each day to focus on happiness. Encourage this habit by picking the perfect gift to help them on their path..


You may discover that your giftee is just beginning to practice yoga or enjoys meditation. Think of buying a book on how to incorporate aphorisms or mantras to their practice. Or a class on meditation.


For the readers in your life, perhaps you could purchase a book that is set in a specific country. Inside the book, tuck a gift certificate for a restaurant specializing in cuisine from that same region.


Do they enjoy cooking? There are endless possibilities on what to get them in this category: cookbooks, food, a new kitchen tool.


Are they environmentally conscious? What about reuseable produce bags or beeswax cheese wrappers instead of plastic?

 food and chef delightful gift with granola and Northern California honey

Pictured above: Food Lover Deluxe and Food Lover


Recently, someone sent me an email asking for a birthday gift idea for a corporate attorney who spends hours in her downtown office.


Since her friend has little extra time for hobbies or entertainment, I suggested that she get something to give her office a more homey atmosphere. Since so many office buildings are kept at freezing temperatures, I suggested a beautiful cashmere cardigan or wrap that would remain at her workspace. Or perhaps she could give her friend a small pot of succulents that will thrive with little direct sunlight. Always good is a new office mug that no one will ever mistake for someone else's like this one from our Morning Rituals Tea and Morning Rituals Brew, and Food Lover Deluxe (pictured above).


What other things can we imagine our friends might need (or not know they need) to make their life better at work. Maybe it’s getting to and from work: earbuds, headphones, an audible subscription for a book. How about if they work someplace that isn’t an office, like a job site, or restaurant: what about something that makes them cozy on their feet all day: cozy shoe pads, massage tool for when they get home, or gloves for those who work outside?



I love purchasing luxurious gifts that my giftees would never buy for themselves. That’s why I was so excited to offer The Mixologist through bestowegifting.com. I think that any gift that includes bitters, leather, and whiskey-infused chocolate is the perfect present for a man who enjoys a drink in the evening.


I also love purchasing crystal stemware for those who enjoy entertaining. One can never have too many wine glasses.

 mixology gift with cool rocks glass and strongwater golden bitters

Pictured here is our Mixologist Gift


Well-chosen gifts tell your recipients that you understand who they are. The perfect gift shows the recipient how much you value and honor their relationship. It says that you took the time to think about what items would give them joy. I always try to find out what gives my giftee JOY.


Perhaps it is a hobby, but maybe they feel the greatest joy when spending time with their friends or family members. If this is the case, consider organizing an outing with your giftee’s favorite people. You may also want to create a memory book of photos you find on your their social media accounts.


If you are still perplexed on what to get them, we have a fun quiz you can take. Figure out what their giftee (gift receiver) archetype is with our fun and free quiz. Take our Quiz here.


I understand your struggles in picking out the perfect gift for the person who has everything. I guarantee that my gift-giving technique will give you more ideas for what to get for your friend or loved one. Good luck!

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