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5 Family-Friendly Summer Activities for Everyone!

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We’re all a little tired of staying indoors, and it is time to get back out and enjoy the beautiful world around us. Children are wound up and ready to get out and have fun. Parents are more than ready to escape the house-bound life, too! We all want to be in new places, see new people, and have new experiences through summer activities for the family. Keep reading for some of our favorite family-friendly summer activities!

Celebrate at Fun Festivals

Let’s start with festivals! We’ve missed these fun community events for holidays like the 4th of July or as regularly scheduled arts and music fairs. Usually, these family-friendly summer activities have something for all ages. Try a Renaissance Faire and get in character for an immersive experience! Some kids will enjoy dressing like characters of old while others will roll their eyes. Dare them to not have fun watching Renaissance characters strut about, taking in humorous shows, and eating turkey legs.

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Color with Your Kids, Race Style

Did you know that The Color Run races allow kids? They may have certain guidelines to follow, especially for babies and strollers, and suggestions on what to bring. Active kids who don’t mind a mess will love that you gave permission for this colorful, messy activity. Check for races in mid to large cities where they’re most likely to be held.

Learn Something New at a State Park

Many of us have state parks with a couple of hour’s drive time. It’s fun to spend a day swimming, boating, and other activities. Have you ever taken a park ranger program? It makes a great family-friendly summer activity. Many parks have nature walks, birdwatching, star gazing, and helpful activities such as planting or clearing paths. For younger kids, look for a junior ranger program that can be earned over a longer visit or multiple visits. 

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If you’re camping in the park, grilling is a must! Take your grilling to the next level with our specially designed grill set, perfect for grillers of all skill levels. This gift set comes with the essentials for your next barbecue, including a savory Kansas City southern spice rub. This smoky spice blend pairs deliciously with all of your favorite barbecue meats, including chicken, pork, and beef. This set also comes with two artisan mustards and a fun linen tea towel. 

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Drive-In, Dive-In, Stay-In: Enjoy an Outdoor Movie Night

Drive-In movie theaters have made a comeback! Some of us are old enough to remember those magical nights of pulling up to our spot and mom and dad adjusting the really awful speaker. Now, the sound comes on the radio! Take chairs and blankets with you because many patrons sit in front of their vehicles. Buy tickets online if possible, and be sure to get to the drive-in early to get a good parking spot. Take snacks or buy them at the snack stand and enjoy!

Maybe you want something a little out of the ordinary. Some of the local water parks or community pools have “Dive-In Theater” nights, or use a similar name for nights when your family can float in a designated pool or lazy river while watching a family-oriented movie. Being in the water helps to keep the kids occupied while you stay cool. Likely, there’s a snack shop open for refreshments. It’s certainly not your usual night on the couch!

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If you like the tried and true, many towns and local parks hold outdoor movie nights. Movies in the park are fun family-friendly summer activities. If you don’t want to go out, you could create a movie night in your own backyard with a little tech know-how. Make your outdoor movie nights even more special by indulging in some decadent treats, with our sweet treats box! Who doesn't love to nibble on something delicious while watching a flick? This treat box has something for everyone, including chocolate-drizzled popcorn for a salty and sweet mix and toffee for the pure sweet tooth. The hot chocolate is a perfect way to end the night while gathering around a fire pit. 

Are There Ghosts About?

Many communities offer ghost tours that are a mix of history and, well, story. Some landmarks are known for their ghost sightings. You may hear a lot of “legend has it” as you walk through dark spaces and creepy places. You’ll often be told to listen for strange noises or to look for unusual activity. Don’t be alarmed, it’s all in good fun! If your kids are old enough, getting creeped out can bring a family closer together, literally!

Once the kids are in bed with the covers over their heads, the adults can relax with the Summer Picnic Set. It’s the perfect and easy solution to create a memorable experience. This set comes with an ethically woven blanket for 2 to 4 people. Deliciously crafted treats such as sourdough flatbread and honey, especially when you add the Rosé bonbon, take the hassle out of deciding which snacks to bring on your picnic, too. 

Now, go out and enjoy your amazing summer filled with family memories that are sure to last forever!

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