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10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Wow

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The 10th wedding anniversary is definitely one to celebrate. A decade of love, companionship, and commitment calls for an extraordinary gift.

Finding it difficult to select a 10th wedding anniversary gift deserving of this significant milestone? We don't blame you — you can't just give the happy couple another kitchen appliance! And if you're the one celebrating the anniversary, it can be hard to top the other awesome gifts you've given your partner.

The good news is, there's plenty of traditional and non-traditional anniversary ideas to draw upon. And in our humble opinion, it's always better to choose a meaningful gift, especially for a 10th anniversary.

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

10th anniversary gifts

Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts


The 10-year wedding anniversary is also called the tin anniversary. That's not a typo — couples traditionally receive gifts made of tin or aluminum. This silvery material symbolizes durability, pliability, and integrity — all of which are crucial to a healthy marriage. Plus, they offer an elegant touch and a luster that suits the glow of lasting romance.

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You're not limited to tin trinkets. Indeed, the most meaningful tin gifts are customized to the couple's lifestyle. Here are some suggestions:

For outdoorsy people, give them an aluminum survival kit. These unique devices combine a flashlight, fire starter, first aid supplies, and other essentials in a sleek, compact aluminum container.

Writers, lawyers, obsessive bullet journalers... anyone who cherishes a nice pen will appreciate a custom-engraved aluminum pen. Add their initials or name, along with a nice message (e.g. a lyric from "your song," an inside joke, or a simple "I love you.")

Date-night enthusiasts will adore these aluminum Date Night Dice which offer 36 fun options (movie night, cooking for each other, etc.) After 10 years together, you could use a little spontaneity. Date night is crucial to keeping those fires alive. It can be a fun way to relive your early dating years or simply add a bit of adventure to your romance.


These fun yellow blooms are the perfect way to celebrate the joys of marriage. Be sure to grab a bouquet to accompany your gift. You can even get creative with daffodil imagery: consider giving daffodil-themed artwork, jewelry, custom-illustrated mugs or other practical gifts, or bathroom sets with daffodil-scented soaps and lotions.


Of course, diamonds are a symbol of engagement, but they're also traditionally associated with the 10th wedding anniversary. You can always give your partner jewelry with diamonds embedded to commemorate this milestone. Consider purchasing your diamonds from an ethically sourced company like this one.

If you're seeking an anniversary gift for a couple you know and diamonds are a bit outside your budget, no problem — it's the thought that counts! And the 10th-anniversary milestone is the perfect time to get creative. Here are some ideas:

Fans of pop culture and vintage Hollywood will appreciate a Marilyn-Monroe-themed "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" art print, mug, or shirt. Add a fun message such as "...But You're Even Better."

If you’d like to go the jewelry route, but want to stay away from diamonds, consider a fun gift box like this one that includes a bracelet, craft chocolate, and an artisan-made candle - the perfect way to say congratulations on this special occasion.

10th anniversary gifts

Modern 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

After a decade together, a couple has a lot of shared memories and experiences. Celebrate those — or give them an opportunity to create new memories — with a personalized gift. Bonus points if it can be used for new romantic experiences! If the survival kit and date night dice don't suit your friend or partner, consider these options.

Custom Gift Boxes

Show your appreciation for your beloved's interests with a gift box that includes several unique goodies. If you're giving an anniversary gift to a couple, consider a box that will help them enjoy cooking together, traveling together...whatever they're into!

Here are some options:

Coffee lovers would be excited to receive a collection of café-themed goodies. A nice mug, gourmet coffee, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and a lovely stirring spoon are all good options.

Are they tea drinkers instead? Try some high-quality tea sachets, a delightful cup-and-saucer set, and an adorable tea infuser.

If adult beverages are more their jam, try a SPIRITed gift box with (aluminum) home bar supplies, a monogrammed cocktail glass or beer koozie, a unique bottle opener, and other goodies.

10th wedding anniversary gifts

Jazz up a gift box for music lovers with some classic headphones, aluminum guitar picks, engraved drumsticks, and concert memorabilia. 

Similarly, give film aficionados some epic goodies such as gourmet popcorn, vintage movie poster prints, and cinema-themed accessories. You can also get creative with faux ticket stubs for your wedding day — or even your first movie/concert date!

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PRO TIP: You can repackage these sets into a tin container for that traditional flourish!

Symbolic Gifts

One of the best 10th wedding anniversary gifts you can give is one that uniquely symbolizes your romance. This is what makes a gift truly meaningful.

As we mentioned, you can recreate your favorite memories and significant moments with faux ticket stubs, custom-engraved items with inside jokes, and so on. Try looking up the top 40 hits, top box-office movies, the stars in the sky, etc. for the date of your wedding. Even better if those details play into your memories of that day! Incorporate those into custom gifts, such as star maps or even a faux box office chart showing your wedding as the #1 hit.

You could also get your vows designed in a beautiful typeface and printed on wall art, a mug, etc. In short, be creative!

Wrapping Up (Pun Intended)

Ten years of choosing love are certainly worthy of celebration. The best part about choosing a gift for the 10th wedding anniversary is that the sky's the limit. The more creative and meaningful the gift, the more appropriate it is. Incorporate the traditional symbols if you wish, but ultimately, customize the gift to the recipient's passions, favorite memories, and your love for them.

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