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100 Layer Cake's Momprenuer Jillian Clark talks Motherhood

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Ahead of Mother’s Day, we set out on a project to sit down with inspiring mother entrepreneurs to learn just what makes them tick, and how motherhood is a part of their larger life journey – both personally and professionally. 

Our first interview is with Jillian Clark, co-founder and marketing manager of 100 Layer Cake, a wedding blog that not only celebrates, inspires and facilitates life’s most special moments, but resonates and encourages readers in life’s everyday moments.

This interview was fun for me. I've known Jillian for quite a long time; we were pregnant at the same time, and even though we live in different parts of California, her oldest son and my son are like peas in a pod. It helps to have mom buddies, long distance or not. Happy Mother's Day Jillian!

How does this profession make you a stronger mom? 

My profession makes me a strong mom because my kids get to see me feel passion for something I love to do everyday.

 100 Layer Cakes Momprenuer Jillian Clark Talks Motherhood

What does your mother do or did she do that you would want to express thanks for the most, and why? 

My mother is a very strong women. For sure, way stronger than I am or will ever beShe was/is a nurse and radiologist. I saw her work nights and long days. I think my mother taught me how to be driven and self-reliant. This woman can do anything, from her own taxes to fixing the plumbing. She just does it or figures it out. That’s what I love and admire about her.

Thank you, mom, for being an amazing teacher. Though your actions, you taught me everything and you continue to inspire me!

100 Layer Cakes Momprenuer Jillian Clark Talks Motherhood

What was the best gift (tangible and intangible) that you have received from your children on Mother's Day?

To be honest, I really don’t remember an exact gift. My kids are 7 and almost 2, but I do remember us going to the beach one Mother’s Day, and just laughing and playing. I cherish simple moments with my family with all of us just being together.

 100 Layer Cakes Momprenuer Jillian Clark Talks Motherhood

What have you given to your mom on Mother's Day that you remember feeling especially happy or proud about? 

I always gave my mother flowers on Mother’s Day. I live long distance, and sadly would remember at that last minute. So, flowers were the best choice. I do remember giving her some pretty amazing flowers one year. My brother on the other hand always gave her fancy perfume, which she adored, so I think he gave the best gifts, ha!

What do you think is the best way your children have given you their appreciation and love on Mother's Day? 

I love it most when my kids make me something. It really shows they thought and took time to create something special just for me. 

 100 Layer Cakes Momprenuer Jillian Clark Talks Motherhood

What is the best part of being a mother? 

I feel like in some ways it’s sort of hard to explain. I love the love we all feel for each other, we’re like a little pack. I also love seeing them learn and grow right before your eyes, as hard as that can be. I love their hugs!  

What is the hardest part of being a mother? 

Discipline. Hands-down. Hate it! I just want it to always be sugar-coated cotton candy carnivals, but damn you have to lay down the law sometime. 

What is the silliest moment you can remember with your child or your mom that makes you smile every time you think of it? 

The funniest moment with my mom was recently in Mexico. I took her there for her birthday and we just laughed, went paddle boarding, and just genuinely had a good time.

With my kids, funny moments tend to happen around the dinner table. My younger son is becoming really expressive and we all just belly laugh. It’s pretty awesome!

 100 Layer Cakes Momprenuer Jillian Clark Talks Motherhood

What is the most ridiculous gift you can remember making or giving your mom or your child giving you? 

My mother recently sent me a picture of a California Raisin (remember them???) I drew for her. It’s ridiculous! Ha!


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