In the Wild: Cheese Plates with Sarah Dvorak at Maker's Common: Part 2

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If you remember before Thanksgiving we gave you some awesome cheese plate ideas from Maker's Common in Berkeley, CA. Just in time for the second rush of holidays, here is Part 2, plus my own little stab at a cheese plate during this past Thanksgiving. Do you have any ideas for great cheese plates? Share this out on social media with your own go to.

Easy Peezy Cheesy

If you don’t have time to go to the store, as I often do with last minute guests, get something from the corner market or use what you already have in your fridge. We made this last plate with some triple cream cheese, gouda and a white cheddar.

Factoid #3: No real cheese is anything but varying shades of white. Remember when we were kids and cheddar only came in orange? So, when white cheddar came around, we were blown away and somehow the name "white cheddar" stuck. But guess what? That orange cheese is dyed! Now why they had to go and ruin a nice cheese? Check this answer out.

Pair these with some fancy crackers (these are Rainbow crisps) and pickles. If you want a simple pickle recipe that can be done in an hour, check this out!

Its all about the extra touches, the flare if you will. If you have a good place to get cheese, then the cheesemonger will know what to sell you, now it’s time to dress it up in order to turn on the pizazz with fancy crackers, a honey drizzle, some pickles and mixed nuts or dried fruit and jam on the side. Always plate everything an hour before (so the cheeses acclimate to the room temp), then cut it up right before guests arrive. Hopefully your cheese plate isn't so popular that your guests don't eat the main course!

Bon Appétit!

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Photography: Feather Weight

Special thanks to Maker's Common

Artistans: Bestowe Artisans

Shop: Bestowe

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