A Historic Mother's Day: How to Celebrate

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What Will Your Mother's Day Look Like?  

These are crazy and somewhat unbelievable times we are experiencing right now, am I right? (2020-Covid Pandemic for you readers in the future!) Living rooms have been converted to home offices, dining rooms to classrooms, and we’ve all had one (and hopefully not more) embarrassing Zoom moment. I know I’ve had a moment (or two) of forgetting I was on camera and looking like I just got out of bed! And putting on makeup (what do I need that for anymore?) or wearing anything other than a rotating 3 sweatshirts is not in my zoom vocabulary. All of our roles have shifted, warped, and are quite possibly unrecognizable. 

This is undoubtedly true for the moms out there. 


And special kudos to the moms with more than one child at home, single moms (aye aye aye), or moms whose job is deemed essential, I seriously feel for you. From working full-time at home to homeschooling to taking care of the house, bills, and more, moms have been asked to step up in major ways (we all have, but this blog post is about moms, so just go with me here). We all have a new appreciation for our nation’s teachers….and our nighttime happy hours on facetime :) Seriously, I'm seeing more of my friends now and have had more happy hours than I normally do!  And, with this major shift in our work-life balance, we are also homebound and struggling for new means of entertainment - for us and our kids. (I mean, I think I've made it through my whole cue on Netflix and I can't possibly watch Ozark for a third time). We all need a break.

Every day seems like we are told the end of this madness is further and further away. I don’t know about you, but as a mom, the breadwinner, a full-time worker with two jobs, and a caregiver, I have a breakdown almost each day (okay not that often, but definitely more than an adult woman should have in a week). Maybe you can relate. I think anyone (mom or not) can. The day that Gavin Newsom, our governor in California, said we might not go back to school this year was the day I almost fell on the floor with a full on tantrum!

With all of this, what better way to hold our mom’s up high by celebrating them this Mother’s Day. You may have lost track of time, but as a reminder it’s just around the corner! I've rounded up some of my current favorite Mother's Day gift ideas below and if you need more inspiration my gift guide for last year's Mother's Day is still solid! 

Stay tuned at the end of this post for a way to enter our Mothersdaycation gift box! 

toddler boy kissing mom on cheek

Mother's Day, an honorable holiday

Mother’s Day is a great holiday. As I always say, celebration days or months (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and months like Breast Cancer Awareness Month) are reminders for us to celebrate and remember those people and issues around us that deserve appreciation and a little reminder. I know that this sounds selfish, but I really like Mother's Day. Maybe it’s because becoming a mom made me appreciate how much work moms do, or because I have worked really hard to be the best mom I can be, but to be celebrated and appreciated for that achievement just makes me feel darn good. And, to be honest, this is one day that I absolutely don’t feel guilty for asking my husband to step up and watch our kid while I go pamper myself somehow. I know that sounds lame, but I kind of just want some me time, especially this year. 

 moms come in all shapes and sizes

Who is Mom in Your Life?

Moms Come in Many Different Forms. You might have a great relationship with your own mom, you may not. You may have even had to deal with the pain of losing your mom, or maybe you can’t get away from her, and she calls you multiple times a day! Whether we are talking about your actual mom or someone filling in for the mom role in your life, Mother’s Day is a celebration of a special relationship. Really, isn't mom a representation of Mother Earth? She is a nurturing archetype, someone who may give selflessly for her children, she gave us or gives us life, and walks with us and holds us during tough times.

I have a lot of moms in my life (besides my actual mom), my sister, my aunt, Mother-In-Law, my therapist, and my very important friends who fill a mom-like role for me. They are there for me in ways that my own mom can’t be. This is probably true for everyone. In some way we have that special mother-figure who is a go-to in times of need. We have that other mom-figure who we can count on for creative ideas. And we have yet another who will listen to us and side with us no matter what we gripe over.

We've rounded up some of the different types of moms and mom roles in our lives. Maybe you’ll see some of these attributes in someone you can appreciate this Mother’s Day (your mom or otherwise). If you can't find your mom-type below, here are some other gift ideas for other gift recipient types! In these trying times I think it might be a great time to send a little appreciation to all of our favorite “moms” especially by being far away. Sign up for our email to be the first to get virtual cards to send to all of these different moms in the coming weeks here.

A Gift for Every Mom Figure

People I've Loved Cards

Card Design by People I've Loved

The Selfless Mom (Heart of Gold) - This is the person who never needs anything. And never does anything for herself. She always puts others first and is fulfilled by others around her being happy. You are inspired by her to be a better you, and look up to her selfless endeavors to feed the homeless, to catch that stray cat and take it to the vet, to help a neighbor through a rough patch. A thoughtful gift to a selfless person is always much appreciated.

Our Reco Gift: Relax and Restore  She needs time to decompress too. 

Bathtime Mothers Day Gift

The Spiritual Mom

This person always has the right thing to say at the exact right moment. She is truly gifted with the ability to open your eyes to see things differently. Maybe she has whipped up a holistic concoction to heal what is ailing you. Maybe she is in touch with the earth or has a green thumb that makes you feel Mother Nature at its core. I have a couple of these women in my life. They bring light to my day, share mantras and skills to bring me back to my mindfullness practice, encourage self-compassion, and nudge me to get back into that yoga routine I keep putting off. 

Our Reco Gift: Wellness Everyday Set Give the Zen mom something to Zen out with.

Wellness Gift Box for Mom

Strength and Leadership Mom

This mom leads by example. She may be the CEO you dream of being, the entrepreneur you aspire for, the woman who fights for what she wants and doesn't take no for an answer. She is the Susan B Anthony and the Rosa Parks, and the Rosie the Riviter of our dreams. We seek our her advice to help us learn how to dampen our ego, but help us shine and speak out to be the best we can be. She helps us know our limitless potential, see our worth and beauty and not believe anything less. She inspires strength and confidence in all that we do. She is a great life coach.

Our Reco Gift: To Be Loved  This mom needs a bold look to go with her bold self. 

mothers day scarf

Mothers day Scarf

The Sympathetic Mom

This mom is wise beyond wise. In fact, she might be all-knowing. Her therapy sessions are where you turn to first in a time of need. Heck, she might be your therapist! She never judges and feels everything you feel with you. Listening is in her DNA and her middle name is Empathy-Compassion (yea, it's hyphenated). Sending her a Gift of Sophistication will show your gratitude for her energy.

Our Reco Gift: Wellness Everyday Set  Give the Zen mom something to Zen out with.

Mothers Day Gift

The Essential Mom

This is the mom that can do it all. Juggles homemaking and homework and a successful career. Somehow she finds balance and peace in it all. You look up to her for her organization, skillful and cunning advice on parenting disrespectful kids or unruly eaters, and most of all, to nurture. She is someone you can laugh with, joke with and cry with at your trials and tribulations, but also at the joy. You bond with her and appreciate her helpful hints and good ear.

Our Reco Gift: A homemaker inspired gift box  Something to pamper and shine light on her home.

Can't find what you are looking for? Shop all of our Mother's Day Gift Sets Here. We'll even include a dried floral bouquet! And if you haven't read about our local gift sets to support our hurting community during the pandemic, they are still available! 

Cooking Mom in the Kitchen with Apron

What attributes to consider a good mom? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Share this post on your facebook page and tag us (@bestowegifting) to be entered in our Mother's Day giveaway of our upcoming Mothersday-Cation Gift. 


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